Crypto's October Surprise
Crypto's October Surprise

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 8 Jun 2019

I'm just putting this out there for my amusement - and for the record.

Over the years I learned to listen to myself. We do have good conversations LOL

So here we go ...

I've been saying this pretty frequently lately, okay, just thinking it, no ... I've been FEELING IT ... so I'm going to post it!


  Bitcoin is going to rest at $6500 for America's July 4th holiday. Bitcoin will then spend a sleepy summer in the shade. Meanwhile, XRP is preparing its sneak attack, while resting besides Bitcoin for the summer. Bitcoin's spawn, Litecoin is your typical teenager and will spend the summer riding the waves and playing in the sands whileit's Daddy rests alongside his devious new friend, XRP.


  Sure, Litecoin will halve in a couple months, and it does have its "use case", and it WILL rise in value. What the teen spawn forgets is it gets hot playing in the sun and, while it will be the darling of the summer, it will require a LONG rest come September.


Once the fun in the sun ends ... and this is what I "see" ... after the fun in the sun ends for Litecoin and it crawls in Daddy's car to nap, Daddy and his new friend XRP are going to dropo Litecoin off at home to rest and they're going OUT ( think UP )!

Why? How can I say such a thing? Am I feeling okay?

Remember this special time of year: The October Surprise! 


There's an October Surprise in American Baseball.

There's an October Surprise in American Politics.

October is the end of the Fiscal Year in America.


  XRP is setting itself up to break away from the "Follow Me, All You Alt Coins" mentality that Bitcoin has.


  And that is what I've been looking for ... a "coin" that breaks away from the pattern of Alt coins following Bitcoins price.


  XRP is doing an OUTSTANDING job with both restraint and due dilligence! Unlike the noisy Litecoin and the over-cofident Bitcoin ... XRP is walking the walk, not just talking the talk.


  I'm saying ... Watch for an October Surprise with XRP!


  Bitcoin and Litecoin will continue to follow their predicted pattrns of growth, of course. 


  XRP, however, will soon NOT being following the typical market Ups and Downs that almost all coins I see seem chained to.



  I'm not deep into this Crypto-game but, being in the computer science field over 20 years, I still read tech news. I understand business, too, having been in the adult world a fairly long time.


  I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT day trade stocks or stuff like that. I understand the concept and all, but day trading isn't my thing.


  LOVE CRYPTO - but not for the money! I see the technology and that is what excites me. So, I've been following crypto while I faucet my way into the market.


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