Waifu Token - Only 1 of the rarest copies is left!

By SilverXavier | CrytoXavi | 28 Dec 2020

There is only one copy of these two NFT's left of the Waifu Token, being the rarest and most limited, you should buy them NOW.


You don't know what Waifu Token is, my friend who doesn't see the nets, they are the new NFT tokens for Otakus like me, and surely for you too.

You can read more about it here: Waifu Token ($WAIF) - Your NFT Waifu (Anime in the Blockchain)

Did you know that the Bitcoin Santa token is already sold out.
Isn't it?
See more here: Waifu Token ($WAIF) - Bitcoin Santa (SOLD OUT)

Again I took the trouble to steal the animations and turn them into GIFs, with the intention that those of us who cannot access this fascinating resource will be able to store these Waifu at least in our mobile gallery.

Download both here!

Thanks so much for reading. Without further ado I say goodbye and see you in another post.


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