Waifu Token ($WAIF) - Your NFT Waifu (Anime in the Blockchain)

By SilverXavier | CrytoXavi | 24 Dec 2020

But what is $WAIF?, The WAIF token is a non-inflationary ERC-20 launched on August 5, 2020 with a fully diluted supply of 1 billion tokens. 90% of the all tokens were permanently locked into a Uniswap liquidity contract, while the other 10% of tokens are set aside in a multi-signature wallet for future development, which includes web design, smart contract deployment, and the commissioning of artists to produce exclusive content.

You can get the NFT's by Staking your $WAIF, and then collecting your $HAREM chosen for the Stake, with the $HAREM it will be how you will get your collectibles, which are in various categories according to their scarcity.
Personally, I have not yet been able to obtain $WAIF, because I want to enter with a small amount to explore and learn about the project without risking a lot, unfortunately the price of Gwai on the Ethereum network is too high for my tiny budget.Anyway I leave you the information on how to get them step by step, so that you are encouraged to try them, there are still many NFT's and who knows, they could be worth a lot in the future.

First we must access its official page waifutoken.io


On the main page, we press the Buy WAIFU button and it will send us directly to Uniswap, there we will buy the amount of $ WAIF that we want to put to Stake.


But first, a warning will appear:

Token imported

Anyone can create an ERC20 token on Ethereum with any name, including creating fake versions of existing tokens and tokens that claim to represent projects that do not have a token. This interface can load arbitrary tokens by token addresses. Please take extra caution and do your research when interacting with arbitrary ERC20 tokens. If you purchase an arbitrary token, you may be unable to sell it back.


Taking into account that a new token was launched only in August 2020, it would be normal to see that type of notice by Uniswap.

Ignoring the warning, once the tokens have been changed, we can go to the page where we are going to put our $WAIF in Stake.


In this page we connect again with our Wallet, in this case with MetaMask and sign the contract.


Now we are ready to Stake and start earning $ HAREM



Once the 10 days have passed we will check if our $HAREM has increased and we will be ready to obtain our Waifu. We claim our $HAREM and choose the girl who best suits us, or who we can pay.


Once we get enough $ HAREM we can exchange them for the different NFT's of the girls there are, according to their rarity will be their preserve and their number of copies.

I attach the animations of each of the cards and their rarity.
Currently there are the first editions of the entire collection.
The girls are inspired by different cryptocurrencies on the market.


Click On Me Darling


>>Super Rare<<



View More: nft.waifutoken.io/gallery

In conclusion, should you invest in this project?
Personally, if you like Anime and NFT's it is completely worth it, this project is associated with The Arcadia Group, which also supports Cover Protocol.

Thanks so much for reading. Without further ado I say goodbye and see you in another post.


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