Torum - Blockchain's Facebook

By SilverXavier | CrytoXavi | 4 Jan 2021

Hello again dear readers, now I come with a platform that promises a lot and I hope it fulfills its promises, I'm talking about Torum a social network that tries to compete with Facebook and allow users to win their XTM Cryptcoin which is still in pre-sale phase or this in ICO.


Here we also see the route of the project



The interesting and somewhat confusing thing is that the XTM tokens you get will be released the moment you exceed the 500 XTM limit, so in order to exceed that limit we have several options;

Visiting the page every day will give us 1 XTM, when arriving 7 continuous days will give us 40 XTM.

Giving like, commenting and sharing will allow us to earn multiple rewards ranging from 1 XTM to 4 XTM per day.

And the most important one is to gather referrals, if, by inviting someone you will receive 75 XTM and your guest will also receive 75 XTM, the problem is that those 75 XTM do not count towards exceeding the 500 XTM retirement limit, they will only count towards the person who invited you. So you'll have to invite other people too.

Now I want to be honest with you, I will invite you to use the platform with my referral link so you will earn 75 XTM and me too, but I will teach you to locate your referral link and start inviting people, the best thing would be that in the comments you leave your link so the other readers can use it, and I invite the readers to use freely my link or the other users, it would be great if we helped each other. Finally once I reach the 500 XTM goal I will remove my link to give the opportunity to others.

First we create an account here: HERE

We can follow more people or Publish something or share.


In this wall are the rewards and right here we will find the referral link that I mention so much, in the symbol of star missions we find the blue button and copy our referral link to share it with our friends or family and hopefully the project will have a successful future and win with it.

As a final note, investigate the background of the project and manage to find your contract and check if it is a real project.


As a final note I clarify that you are not obligated to do anything that I share with you, be careful with blockchain projects and never invest in a project if you are not sure about it.
All the projects I'm looking for are and I hope to continue being free and rewarding for you.
Greetings and thanks for reading, follow me for more content like this.


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