Get NANO for watching videos, immediate deposit. (0.001 NANO per Round) + 40%

By SilverXavier | CrytoXavi | 19 Dec 2020

NANO is a very fast and efficient cryptocurrency, little by little it has been rising among its rivals and is already accepted in many shops, which is starting to give it a lot of weight in the world of cryptocurrencies, especially for its almost instant payments and its zero network commissions. Reading a little on their official website, I discovered that they themselves promote the Faucets and the various methods to obtain NANO.

This time I am talking about PlayNANO, on this page we can win by watching 10 videos (in fact we just have to wait for the green bar to fill).

Before you ask, does this page pay? Well, if in fact it pays within seconds that you collect your reward. I leave you a receipt.53c2dfa3d5e1c9c5923625ccc397e921deea32098739ebc81e76a6b23e271713.png

Let me explain First we enter the page with this link:
Once inside, we will see two squares, we are interested in the one on the Left.cb9e52dcea452c93cdb58b9fff2988142e40f23cb6e11f1fd6937cac3a922e2b.png
They will ask us to enter our NANO address to make the payment. We paste it in the box and click Submit.8850749d86fcbb4703b1ffa1e17873fd3bd401fe76f3c5d39e0aea0c062e5456.png
We look for the Start Learning button, and we start watching videos.


Once the green bar below is completely filled, we go down until we find the green button "Next Video" that will send us to the next video, we will repeat until we have seen the 10 videos.f30503a6234f1a7d6fdf17db1ce5cf32a02f93985504996595fef317f321923e.png


Once the button goes from 1/10 to 10/10. It will send us to the payment page.


Here we can confirm our NANO address, and upon resolving the Captcha they will send us the approximate amount of 0.0019 NANO. We can repeat the videos as many times as we want, or we can stop watching them.c5d7f0564228ab7bc8b96e6ac483e23cc7c5c7dd9c66176d50d8af73351a5902.png


Extra, but not least: How to get my referral link?

The fact that I invite you to these faucets is also to benefit me in part, since this faucet will give me 40% of your claims (without affecting your rewards of course) but you can support me using those links. However, they can also use their own to invite friends or acquaintances who want to win and can take advantage of it, I am not jealous in that regard, so I will explain how to obtain it.

Look for the logo of PlayNANO at the top of the page, and click on it.
Once on the main page, they go down until they find this box. And let's click on Invite.53e2fdc308163dbd7a44512683c60a528238af99da065d1cc5e4cbfde7abee30.png
Already on this other page, we can find our link at the bottom of it. Invite everyone you know who can to win better rewards.0f0994e2d36e142fd954703cbaeec5b24baa828fc64e860dc256544b6427d901.png


Thanks so much for reading. Without further ado I say goodbye and see you in another post.


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