GET Free NANO direct to your wallet, with no minimum withdrawal (0.001 NANO guaranteed)

By SilverXavier | CrytoXavi | 18 Dec 2020

First you must have a wallet that accepts NANO, here are two in which you can receive it: Atomic Wallet or Trust Wallet


In this Faucet we just have to put our NANO address and click on Get Nano!
I could only claim 4 times before the page got bugged and it did not allow me to claim more.

>>Free Nano Faucet<<


In NANO Faucet the process is similar, only in this faucet we can claim only once, we will receive a small part of the total accumulated in the Faucet, which we can see in Current Balance.
We solve the Captcha and click on Send NANO

>>NANO Faucet<<


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