How I received 10 BAT or about US$ 8 Tip in a Single Day

How I received 10 BAT or about US$ 8 Tip in a Single Day

By JC Business Consult | 250currencies | 24 Aug 2020

Hello Brave and BAT supporters,

Today was a great day for me in this regard.

In fact, it was unbelievably good that I received the greatest income I could never think of receiving from Brave (browser) in a single day.

That happened after I made a video about how the Brave browser makes it easier for people to join and experiment Web 3.0

From the people who watched the video, one person liked it and commented that he was sending me 10 BAT, I thought it was a joke until I saw an email pop up and it was about the payment. Here is the video that made it happen. 

After getting the money I hastened to thank the man thinking that it was all I could receive but in addition to that which had jumped into my account, I received another round of 10 BAT! Here's the thank you video I have made for my supportive man.

To tell you the truth I'm still amused by this level of goodness from our Brave Community.

Once again thanks for reading this story (and for following me if you do)!




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