Let's Talk Ways I Earned Crypto For Free! Yes...FREE!

I've been in the Crypto game for about a year now and, while I'm not the most educated on it, I will say that it took a lot to figure out projects that I supported and felt were great projects or were promoting a great cause. After looking up a bunch online about these different projects, I also noticed that there were awesome ways to receive free Crypto on certain apps for your phone. Below are just a few of the ways that I was able to earn free Crypto by just downloading an app and/or completing some tasks.


Everyone knows about Coinbase at this point. Probably one of the best and one of the first Crypto apps to offer a reward for just signing up. When I signed up, I received $10 in Bitcoin just for downloading the app and creating an account. If you haven't yet downloaded Coinbase or created an account, you can use my referral link here:

By using that link, you'll receive the same $10 that I did in Bitcoin and I'll earn $10 too!



The Crypto.Com app offers multiple ways to receive free Crypto, but there is a main one that I utilize and that's the Missions. Missions are a way for you to earn diamonds every day and when you reach 25 diamonds (you can earn at least 1 a day) you get to open a Mystery Box, which contains up to 1,100 USD worth of CRO, the Crypto.Com token. So far, I've opened up 2 Mystery Boxes and I've received 1.6 CRO, which at the time of writing this article, is worth about .83 cents. It's not much, but you can then turn around and sell that CRO and use it for BTC, ETH or any other coin you'd like. If you use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $25 USD!



KuCoin has the largest selection of cryptocurrencies that I've seen thus far and they have many ways to earn free Crypto on their app. They have a Candies program where, just like Crypto.Com's diamonds, you can earn 50 candies a day just by checking into the app every day and after 7 days of checking in in a row, you receive 100 candies. Once you reach 3,000 candies (which will take about 2 months to achieve), you can redeem those candies for a 5 USDT rewards. They also have a Rewards Hub where you can complete certain trades and certain tasks to earn USDT. However, you can only withdraw those rewards once you reach 8 USDT. If you use my referral code here: we will both get some awesome rewards!



Lolli is a shopping app where you can receive SATS for purchases that you make from retailers such as eBay, Grubhub and Kroger. However, they have a Daily Stack where, if you log in every day, you can receive SATS every day. Right now, after logging in for 3 weeks straight, I have 1,026 SATS, which equals to about $0.45. You can't withdraw the SATS until you reach $15, but if you do end up making purchases, that will come much faster to you. If you use my referral code 6ECGWX when signing up, we can get some free money!



Last but certainly not least, Ember Fund. An app where you can earn 5 SATS an hour just by clicking "Start Earning". And that's it. That's all you gotta do. You can invest money into certain Crypto funds, but if you just wanted to earn passive SATS, this is the app for you. The base rate is 5/hr, but if you invest your own money, you can get an additional 5/hr and if you refer someone, you get an additional 5/hr for a max of 15 SATS an hour. Just like with Lolli, you can't withdraw until you reach a certain amount of SATS, but the amount for Ember is only $5, unlike the $15 for Lolli. If you use my referral code 150247FGTM or sign up using this link:, you'll help me get an additional 5 SATS an hour!


This is just Part 1, Part 2 will come soon and will feature many more apps and even games as well! Thanks for reading!

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