"Opportunity" -A Sober Look At The Bitcoin Market

By SatoshiConomy | CryptoZonZ | 26 Sep 2020

i was sobered and amazed today when i heard a young investor say, "I havn't bought Bitcoin because it's down, and probably dead."

This video is my response...In this video we'll discuss the polarizing comments of 5 powerful public personalities:
1)  Donald Trump
2)  Michael Saylor
3)  George Ball
4)  Warren Buffett
5)  Paul Tudor Jones

Then we'll discuss:
*0% Reserve Banking
*The Gold/Dollar correlation *1000% A.P.R.'s
*The "DeFi" Industry, and
*several other dynamics which annihilate the notion that "Bitcoin Is Dead."

Decide for yourself -in this video, you're provided with plethora screenshots to lead you down a rabbit hole of dynamic and current information to help you out.

1:07  A day-trader passes on BTC
2:11  Donald Trump
3:29  Michael Saylor
6:47  Warren Buffett-Rat Poison?
7:43  George Ball
8:08  Paul Tudor Jones
8:56 0% Federal Reserve Banking
9:29   The Gold/Dollar correlation
10:11  0% Interest Rate (ZIRP)
10:31  $2 Trillion+ bank fraud?
11:30  $2.3 Trillion lost 9/10/01?
13:05  DeFi Industry Boom
13:28  1000% A.P.R. gains?
14:09  Ethereum 2.0
14:59  1st time in history a currency vies for power w/o war!

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