"My Favorite Crypto Youtubers" Monetary Perspectives From Truly Freedom Fighting Global Citizens

By SatoshiConomy | CryptoZonZ | 26 Apr 2020

In this "CryptoZonz" video premiere, i share 40+ valuable sites for your financial benefit when it's never been more important for "you & yours" to know how to survive and thrive financially.

Today, at the onset of the 2020's, we stand at the most climactic moment in global financial history because of the convergence of a "Perfect Storm" of three (3) major dynamos: Population, Monetary Reset, and The Internet Of Money.

1) "8 Billion people..."
From 1950 - 2017 (67 years), this Blue Planet added 5 billion souls, and went from 2.5 billion to 7.5 billion people.

2) "The Monetary Reset Of The Global Economy"
Undeniably, we're seeing this global economic reset RIGHT NOW before our very eyes.
Like no other time in history, the entire globe has been "closed for business" out of fear, with the likely eventual outcome of even more deaths resulting from the fear response than from that which is feared. We ain't seen NOTHIN' yet...
The economic aftermath of such an impactful phenomena defies premonition for the years ahead.

3) "The Ubiquity Of Technology & The Internet Of Money"
Mobile Phones & the emergence of truly global, real-time visual communications have made the world a much smaller place.
At the exact same time, this new electric "Internet Of Money" has gained UNSTOPPABLE momentum.
Since banks are practically eliminated in this electric economy, it disrupts the gatekeeping of financial and economic controls enjoyed by a very few people, and hands it over to billions!

At the onset of this new decade of tumult, "Bitcoin" has become a household word the world over -because it disrupts a universal language -the language of money.

Naturally, "The Internet Of Money" is controversial because it disrupts a millenia of financial tradition -understandably so.
i submit that at a time when "Bitcoin" has become a household word, those who are left who still speak against it are not unlike those who spoke against the internet at its infancy.

i hope you find great value in adding some or all of these excellent financial talents to your news and information resource.

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