"Bitcoin Rocket Fuel" -Bitcoin's Time To Shine

By SatoshiConomy | CryptoZonZ | 18 May 2020


This video exposé is intended to drill down a bit and give you a "Macro View" behind the present Global Monetary Policy trends at this momentous time in history.

We'll discuss:
1) Money Printing
2) Bitcoin's Programatic Monetary Design
3) QE Infinity
4) Debt vs. Assets
5) Bretton Woods Ending

This episode is very simplistic, yet so fundamental in explanation, that it easily gives a deeper understanding of the monumental policy changes which are beyond the casual observer's view.

Thus you will walk away with verification and a clearer mindset for financial choices in the near future for you and yours -whether you decide to respond with adding Bitcoin to your arsenal or not...

"i wish you well, i wish you wealth, i wish you health, and until next time -Peace!



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