So this is the end ..

So this is the end ..

By CryptoZebra | cryptozebra | 1 Feb 2021

One of the most popular faucets (a wallet that collected 6 of moon faucets) has gone today. His name is (was) CoinPot. They working since 2014!!

Idea of many faucets on the Internet is giving cryptocurrency for free. Yeah .. not exactly because users of those sites must login one or many times per day and click the button for take free money and usually fighting with the few quite annoying ads ( unless you have good adblock ;) ).

Of course those ads are source of creators income and thanks to this they can give us free crypto. How much? It's depends .. how many times per day (and day after day) you click and take the crypto, how many percent of bonus  was drawn by the system and the most important what price was in that moment of crypto. 

My result ? I don't have enough patience and  time to check these sites couple times a day. My total income in only this month was more or less 0.035 LTC (out of 6 crypto faucets - BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, BCC). So earning equals one gas fee needed to transfer some crypto between exchanges. I treated this like fun and total income it's fun too but in my country there is one of proverbs (translated literally) - even vinegar is sweet if it's for free - and meaning is if there is anything witch can we get for free then it isn't bad. 

Does make any sense? Yes because people who have more patience and time can get the results about several hundreds $ per year. 

Do you know other profitable faucets witch give real money quite long ? The comments section below is yours ;)


Trading with the stripes!

Stay tune, CryptoZebra

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Cryptocurrency, investing, free coins, airdrops ... just everything you love <3 Trading with the stripes!


Cryptocurrency, investing, free coins, airdrops ... just all you love <3 Trading with the stripes!

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