7th payment received from Hashing Ad Space + $22.68 | total paid $892.40

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7th payment received from Hashing Ad Space + $22.68 | total paid $892.40


UPDATE ( IMPORTANT! ) : New Asimi Minting   

New Asimi Minting: How to set up your Asimi Minting Wallet to start earning   

1. step
Register: Hashingadspace
2. step
Create / Register wallet: Waves.exchange
3. step
You will need BUY ( ~5$ ):

  •     A minimum of 100 Asimi tokens in your personal Waves wallet
  •     A minimum of 0.05 Waves tokens (for fees to send your minting earnings direct to your wallet)

How does the new Asimi minting system work?

  •     Own more than 100 Asimi tokens (in your personal waves wallet)
  •     Connect your minting wallet within the new minting profile (live on the 1st of feb)
  •     Mint your allocated ads (estimated at 5-50 ads based on how much Asimi you own)
  •     Get paid directly to your personal wallet every day.

  More info: Minting setup quide here


Asimi Minting Setup Guide




What is Hashing Ad Space?

Hashing Ad Space is a digital business platform, running under  CEO Luke Millard from Australia. It offers effective  advertising and potentially a large cryptocurrency income to earn from according to their websites.
Hashing Ad Space is  an online advertising platform that attracts people with common interests.
Everyone is curious about home based business, either attracting leads for growing their business, or just earning by watching ads.
On completely analyzing their various presentations, the platform’s key factors  are transparency and value. This makes it a dependable business you can rely on and has a history in internet marketing deals. Obviously, this is the marketing material that most of you have heard  if searching for ‘earn crypto’ pre-launch referral business.
Additionally, After watching their videos they claim the  platform is concerned about everybody’s success since it always has something to offer, however difficult the situation may seem. The ‘crypto minting system’ is therefore a sincerely unique one and intends to keep growing annually. This Advertising Minting System seems to be the focal point of a growing community of Hashing Ad Space.
The platform claims that they want everyone to succeed. No matter what are your  business goals, they have something to offer you.

How This Hashing Ad Space Works?

The opportunity and system attract members of a common interest especially those of home based businesses. It attracts leads for either growing their business or just earning from watching ads. With this in mind, the platform is tuned in to the member’s interest like creating cash online, affiliate offers, tools, resources, coaching for online business, and cryptocurrency.
Interested members can buy Advertising Packages and have their website displayed to other  members of the platform. Additionally, investors can Choose between a range of  Advertising Block products, Login Ads, Banner Ads and Ad Minter, at the cost of 20$ each.
Once the investor set up their campaign, the platform will do the rest. The platform provides views from qualified buyers directly to website of the investor within their unique Ad Minting Platform.

View To Earn (V2E)

This View to Earn feature is a new way to earn by viewing ads, which is introduced on May 1, 2019. There is section marked View V2E wherein you can watch ad and get paid in Asimi instantly on your Hashing Ad Space balance. The View to Earn feature does not require any Asimi stake to be able to earn. The limit here is 50 ads per day to all members and each day 4 random members will get a special bonus of 10, 20, 40 or 80 Asimi. 
Is it confusing you? Let me clear it with an example. Suppose you viewed 25 ads or more you receive 1 entry and suppose you viewed 50 ads, you receive 2 entries as daily bonus prize raffle. This feature allows you to earn more than 6 Asimi daily, which includes 5 premium ads + lots of standard ads. This accounts to be the best opportunity for FREE members. 

Investment And Earning In Hashing Ad Space

Minting cryptocurrency is the process of bringing new tokens to live. This makes the platform unique. Basically, the platform pay members for watching ads. It is the process of watching ads that “mints” cryptocurrency tokens each day.
“Asimi” is the cryptocurrency on Hashing Ad Space. The platform awards Asimi to everyone who has watched ads on a particular day, and every ad watched receives an equal share. However, you can earn the greater your share in the Asimi minted that day if you watch more ads. The earned Asmi is paid directly into your wallet.
Initially, you can mint 1 ad per day for free. You can raise your minting ability by purchasing Minting packages. Every Minting package you buy grants you to mint 1 ad per day for 365 days.
Every package costs $100 purchased in Asimi. Further, 100% of earned profit is returned to your wallet over the 365 days. This makes every Minting Booster package essentially free to own and generates a profit because it qualifies you for a larger share of the recently minted Asimi daily.

How Does New Token Works?

The token is named Asimi and it is the only payment technique on Hashing Ad area. It’ll be employed in all advertising purchases, earnings, and withdrawals. Asimi lacks AN ICO. It’s merely bought for the utilization of advertising on open exchange It is available in the open Exchange-Waves—where Asimi holders can quickly send, receive or exchange it for ETH, USD, BTC, and EURO without restrictions.

Advertising On HashingAdSpace

While speaking about advertising on websites like HashingAdSpace, they provide the opportunities in four different categories:

Ad minter Advertising

This advertising is of quite good quality, as most of them have only a few Asimi stakes. In Ad minter advertising you do not find lots of minting ads, resulting which the visitors will be more focused on advertising ads. In this category, advertising purchase is possible only through Asimi tokens. It is possible to buy or sell Asimi tokens on Waves DEX platform. 

Banner Advertising

This category of advertising has very popular pricing. When you need a good price and exposure to 100k members mainly to the crypto related income opportunities, the HashingAdSpace will be a very good choice.

View To Earn (V2E) Advertising

This is one of the cheapest advertising among the 10 Asimi packages. This method is quite similar on Paid To Click(PTC) sites. The amount earned on Asimi is aldo usable for advertising. 

Login Ad

This category allows you to promote you business to over 200k Hashing Ad Space members. Each a member logs in, your ad will be visible. You will receive at least 10,000 views else your ad will run on the next full day. 

Final Thoughts

Hashing Ad Space is the fastest growing, longest standing online business that offers both a valuable advertising product as well as give people with real income daily.

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