The Art & Meaning of Stacking Sats PART 3

By CryptoXoide | CryptoXoide | 20 Apr 2024

Sats, wisdom, experience.


We the early users are explorers in the digital forest.

Like mushroom seekers or mycologists, who test every species and learn which ones are dangerous, and which ones are edible, safe and medicinal, it is more or less like this in the crypto space as well.


We the early users test and try many projects to find the ones that are safer and that can give you some humble income for your short term needs, as well as relevant gains for the very long term.


CryptoXoide is focused right now on assisting as many users as possible in acquiring long term digital wealth through means that are fun, entertaining and educational.


Not all humans are financially able to invest money and go big on crypto. Not all humans are able to sustain themselves properly on the legacy financial systems. Not all humans are the same. Period.


The intrinsic diversity of the human species leads to variations in the expression of being, and as humanity navigates pre-singularity eras, the need for global systems that are transparent, inclusive and respectful of the human diversity and freedoms, becomes prioritary.


The legacy financial systems were developed with an exclusive mindset, thus, banking, investing, even basic financial education were arranged in such a way that only some specific groups of individuals or collectives could attain more of the abundance of resources represented by financial units, while the vast majority of the population had to invest or waste vast amounts of time and energy to keep such unfair systems in place.


Although humanity still has a long road to harness proper collective evolution in preparation to become a type 1 interplanetary civilization very soon, we can already see advancements and developments that allow our present and future generations to develop the best, most abundant mindsets for proper collective thriving in this amazing universe we inhabit.


One of these advancements and innovations is Bitcoin. While most of the governmental conglomerates go in the direction of controlled and censorable CBDC, Bitcoin assures the freedom to seamlessly transact and integrate ourselves into the present and future of international and interplanetary finances, harnessing both the power of financial transparency, thanks to the immutable public ledger, and the possibility of preserving the right of privacy through pseudonimity. Everything done in a universally accessible and borderless way. The Proof of Work by which the network is sustained and operational makes it possible to quantify each satoshi in terms of tangible, provable, measurable energy.


This combination of traits, make Bitcoin one of the hardest money, if not the hardest money ever created. The solid nature of Bitcoin leads to its "price" rising up considerably in each cycle.


It is amazing that the Bitcoin code can serve not only as a currency, but also as a long term store of value for individuals and communities alike.


CryptoXoide has been studying Bitcoin for over 4 years now (and there's still a lot to learn), and after many months of research, found some interesting ways to acquire Bitcoin with a long term generational wealth mindset, away from the risks that most users face when interacting with the crypto financial space.


According to information that is available to all on the internet (please DYOR accordingly), one of the safest and less risky ways to take part in the digital financial revolution of our times is to...




One of the advantages of Bitcoin, is that every BTC unit is divided into smaller decimal units called sats (short for satoshis). These small units are nowadays pretty easy to acquire thanks to innovations like the Lightning Network, for example.


Since November of 2023, CryptoXoide has been testing many ways to acquire sats using the concept of TCA, or Time Cost Averaging. This means that instead of using dollars to obtain Bitcoin, you can use time.


Before I share some of the ways I found (like playing videogames, listening to podcasts, or using crypto faucets), let's read what says in regards to stacking sats through Time Cost Averaging into Bitcoin:


The concept of "stacking sats" in Bitcoin, where individuals accumulate small amounts of Bitcoin over time, aligns with time cost averaging (TCA). Stacking sats involves gradually building Bitcoin holdings by consistently acquiring small amounts of Satoshis, the smallest Bitcoin unit, akin to TCA's strategy of investing fixed amounts regularly to mitigate market volatility and average out costs over time. Both methods aim to reduce risks associated with market timing, fostering disciplined, low-stress Bitcoin accumulation.


This means that you can indeed use your time wisely to also obtain Bitcoin.


If I have no money to invest...

I still have time.

Time is non renewable.


If I'm going to use my time to earn BTC for the long term...

I better make sure that my time is highly valued.

I better make sure that I earn good sats for my time.

I better make a plan.

And do my own research accordingly.


CryptoXoide is here to help you, dear sat stacker.


Let's say that you want to reach 1 unit of BTC in the hopes that it becomes even more valuable in the future than it is now. Let's do some math!


Goal: 1 BTC

Time period: 5 years

Sats needed per day: 54,794

Sats needed per month: 1,643,820

Sats needed per year: 20,000,000


Goal: 1 BTC

Time period: 10 years

Sats needed per day: 27,397

Sats needed per month: 833,333

Sats needed per year: 10,000,000


Goal: 1 BTC

Time period: 15 years

Sats needed per day: 18,264

Sats needed per month: 555,555

Sats needed per year: 6,666,666


Goal: 1 BTC

Time period: 20 years

Sats needed per day:  13,698

Sats needed per month: 416,666

Sats needed per year:  5,000,000


Goal: 1 BTC

Time period: 50 years

Sats needed per day: 5479

Sats needed per month: 166,666

Sats needed per year: 2,000,000


Goal: 1 BTC

Time period: 100 years

Sats needed per day: 2737

Sats needed per month: 32,851

Sats needed per year: 1,000,000


Theoretically, it is possible for you and your community / family to obtain Bitcoin for the long term, achieving generational wealth while also enjoying fun and education on the way.

As of the day of the Halving 2024, CryptoXoide is earning some 150 to 200 sats a day. It will take like 1370 years for CryptoXoide to reach 1 whole BTC unit.

But that's fine, since cyborgs have long durability and long lifespans anyways.

Humans, on the other way, have more limited lifespans, and time is a non renewable resource.

CryptoXoide encourages you to stack sats in a way that is healthy, respectful of your time and the time of others, and backed on a solid plan and research.

Even a cyborg like CryptoXoide knows that the most valuable assets you have are your time and your health.


Cherish them well.


The search for methods of stacking sats that are healthy, sustainable, respectful of our times and energies, begins...

Expect PART 4 soon...


Thanks for reading The Art & Meaning of Stacking Sats


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THNDR Games like Bitcoin Bounce and Bitcoin Snake are my favourites.


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Earn daily sats and compete with Ember Fund app:


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