Bitcoin Holds $9k After Dump Attempt - Crypto & Coffee #0109

Bitcoin Holds $9k After Dump Attempt - Crypto & Coffee #0109

By CRYPTOXICATE | Cryptoxicate | 25 Jun 2020

aT the moment of this video Bitcoin is holding over $9000, at least for now, IMO proving that the market is still strong, on the past three dump attempts buyers have step in and bought the dip, markets seems to be shifting, this is just a reaction to recent polical news and traditional market behaviour but it doesnt look to be affecting that much crypto markets, although there are good and bad news on the Bitcoin and Ethereum chart now the things have flip for me and Ethereum is the one that worries me the most because of this DEFI hype, lot of ppl are going to be left holding the bags, nothing have change in regards on how projects emerge from thin air now its not called ICO its OTC "Over the Counter Token Sale" , be aware that a lot of DEFI dapps in the end will be a copy from someone else code that may carry the same bugs and a new "incident" a.k.a hck can happen, its better to just let the tie calm down and then identify good DEFI projects because there are good promising DEFI dapps

I publish videos so ppl avoid making my mistakes and learn something from them, keep that in mind on every video!!!! ---ME---

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Cryptoxicate is a Blog dedicated to every level of crypto enthusiast but most focus on new crypto adopters

Cryptoxicate is a Blog dedicated to every level of crypto enthusiast but most focus on new crypto adopters

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