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By Bila0 | Cryptowriter | 25 Feb 2022

Crypto Currency History:-


As You Know that Crypto currency is a Virtual like everything virtual but with a Real Assets inside It. For example Bitcoin is a virtual with No even a body aor any kind oF hard Form. but Still it has Billions of Dollars and Trillions Of Dollars In Market cap.

All oF this Did not Happen in Single Day. It Took Almost A Decade To this. Still Bitcoin is not a Teenager. I am imagining it at Full Younger Form, How much Will it be. I rhi k it could be at 30 to 50 Trillion Dollars Makret Cap.

Their are Other crypto that are evolving Day by day with many features and trends etc. And Still they need a very high and higher growth to perform this.

Their are many big projects like IK Coin, that is a full future. so it has big potential like many big Crypto.

IK Coin Missions And Goals:-


Ikcoin is a Crypto currency that has a mission to achieve best that it can achieve. Basically it want to attract and gather those people who are like minded and they need their attention. It wants to help users that wants to spend crypto and want to shop. But fee is too high. But IKCOIN is a coin with no fee and they achieve best if their best.


And that is not even, we can spend IK coin on many other things like, trading, buying groceries online, shop and go for trips. And that is amazing because with zero fee, we can get crypto In wallet and make transactions more and more easily. And that is just super awesome and amazing too. Because I haven't seen such good projects that offer such things with uses and all other works. And that's reason, it is very very unique too. So it make histories too.

But main factor, that will attract IK coin is that it's zero Fee for any transaction, any time etc. And that makes it very very unique too. So that might bring millions of users because that is a very good thing and will make many many dollars too. As compared to Ethereum that costs almost 100 Dollars and that sucks small users.

IK Coin Main Features:-


Ikcoin is a crypto that has many big features and other solutions that it offers. And there are many things and aspects that are described below as follows. 

1. ik Finance:

Ik Finance is a Fintech Of Ik Coin company where everything can be done in a single place. As we know that their are defi, nftz Metaverse and other such things that be met here. And ik Finance makes it possible to look this under a single platform and that is one of the coolest thing that Ik Coin offers right now. 

2: ik Coin Wallet:-

Ik coin made it possible to have it's own wallet where users can store their crypto and oterh crypto too. And they can make transactions with other people too. So I can say that this wallet could be more than just a wallet like trust wallet and itehr such wallets that are the main leading wallets for many users. 

Ik Coin PoS:-

Ik Coin isbaswd on proof of staking like Nodes. And more nodes we gave more this coin will perform better like Dash. That is a leading crypto right now. And thus if it makes good history than it can perform better ways. We all know that mostly PoS Coins are Scam and they scam with people by many ways. So we can be saved if we stake this crypto for a better future. 

Ik API:-

APi Is a key that integrates for many things like access account features to someone Bots to trade and other such tasks like managing accounts, make seemless profits and perform higher tasks like other crypto cannot do that. So also for Payemnets and other such things it can also be used and it is a future right now. 

Redefinition Of Tourism:-


Ikcoin has a solution because it wants to be a first if it's kind to offer zero fee, barer less and also with many other features too. And it also offers us to make Algarve Location full of crypto payment syestm. Bcaus this place has many big beaches too. The Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region, is known for its Atlantic beaches and golf resorts. Whitewashed fishing villages on low cliffs overlooking sandy coves were transformed in the 1960s, and now its central coast between Lagos and Faro is lined with villas, hotels, bars and restaurants. The region's western Atlantic coast and rugged interior are less developed.


And if this place adopts crypto that it will also adopt Ok Coin, because this Crypto project is also offering very unique features too. So it is a full time redefinition too.

Their are many beautiful beach locations that are decsribed below.c93768dbb45f123c0c8b40d861db664d0fe059bfbd0d26064eb09d76efc5876a.jpg


Ik Coin Roadmap:-

Ikcoin idea was initially initiated on very few years ago and that is also very very unique too.

First they developed a whole new idea and than to find team, so that they work on this. And after that to bring this coin to whole community who wants to be a full time investors and traders too. And also now it has been running ICO. So that people can buy it at cheaper proces too. And after that it will be listed on many big exchanges and will make history too. So many more updates will come too in near future to. So we have to stay tuned for this.

Can Ik Coin Survive?

IK Coin is a project that has a vision to change people loves by giving them chances, these chances are for those people who are actually gamers. And they know how to make transactions and also make history too. It Can be enthusiastic and also be able to achieve his dreams where he is trying to give his precious time. So trip lovers and bloggers almsot dominant in our world. With IK Coin, they can chnage their lives. So I can say that it worth time noticing for a investor, traders and vloger to. And I am basically a Nature lover and I can find my dream with iK COIN.


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