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By Bila0 | Cryptowriter | 11 Aug 2020

Problems For Traders:-

The more they look to learn, the more they see how much there is to learn. Risk management, indicators, chart patterns, system creation… as new traders explore those areas, they get overwhelmed. Lots of them eventually give up because of this feeling. Others decide to throw a dart and trade despite their lack of knowledge, which is a big mistake. (That’s me with my first investment about 5 years ago. No idea what I was doing!)

Second Problem these Users Face is that In trading, loses are part of the game. There’s no stopping that. But new traders, don’t understand that yet, and they come in trading expecting to win on each trade. So when they lose, they feel bad.

In third, In an ideal world, trading would be as easy as breathing, and new traders would learn it at a breakneck pace. Unfortunately, in reality, it doesn’t work like that. As they learn and learn, practice and practice, a lot of the time, they’ll feel they’re barely getting any better while other people will seem to be learning twice as fast. This can be super discouraging.

So For these Problems, Extons.io Came to market. And this Has full plans for users, whom those feel that Trading is not for them.

Extons.io Introduction:-

Actually, this is new Centralized  Paltform with a concept that people can trade both in fiat and also crypto Currencies. And so this is biggest benefit that this trading platform is giving us. 

So this is great concept for those people who face problems to convert Fiat currency and also crypto currency multiple times. And it causes a lot of time and also biggest fee to cover this exchange. 32a5eb98ad7839f9b02018723e5866f2f2b18f6f7126c01470fb086a1043bea8.png

This platform also supports CFD market. So it also supports multiple Options and thus will grab biggest audience.

Sign Up:-

If you guys wanna sign up here, than you are making right decesion. And I will appreciate this. And here is a link below. 



Join Bounty:-

This Company is offering almost 500000 Trons to the Users. And if anyone that is reading, can go and can get beenfits. And I hope you will also look about this. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5263767



Tons is based on Trons based Technology. And this is called as TRC-20 TOKEN. TRC-20 refers for Trons request Technology from ethereum and so this is also too much safe to use. This Technology is much improved by experts than the ERC20 Token. 

TRC-20 And TONS token:-

Ticker: TONS

Token Type: TRC-20

Token Price: 1 Tons= 0.02 USD

Total Tokens: 180000000

2)    Benefits Of Extons.io:-

There are almost a lot of benefits that this company can offer us. And I hope that All of you will enjoy this. And these are described below.

  • Multi Currency Support:-

This company support multiple currencies like, crypto and Fiat currency.Constantly introduce and list quality digital currencies from all over the world, provide users with various types of transaction services in most digital currencies.

  • High Liquidity:-

This platform has high liquidity, so those who has interest in high liquidity, can go to this platform to enjoy high benefits.With built-in artificial market-maker engine that meets with even Wall Street’s industrial standards, establish model analysis based on over 250 market parameters and provide 25/7 non-stop support with high liquidity.

  • Secure and Steady:-

This Paltform is almost more secure and also so much steady. We conduct the multimodular structure that meets the IT surveillance logical structure requirement in the financial industry, which guarantees the steady operation of our system. The front and back end designs, together with the multi-node and multimodular distributed deployment, scales our capacity and thus provide better service for our customers.

2)    Overview From White paper:-

I have read Whitpaper with more details and than I thought that I have to add some kind of Bullet points, so that it might help readers. And these are described as below.

  • Thisoption Exchange Introduction:-

Thisoption is a platform that is a like a partnership with Extons.io and it's information is described below.

  • Foundation Time: 2016
  • Headquarters: 926 Adelaide St, Ontario, M5H IP6, Toronto, Canada

Thisoption is a product of the finance Algorithm Technology International Company.

  • The Flow Of Currencies:-

Currency and banknotes have different circulations is different in all of the countries. And so I will say that today almost 180 different currencies are circulating and almost 7000 plus crypto are circulating and so that extons.io will help to grow like a star.

  • What Is Crypto Currency:-

A crypto currency is named as coins flowing in a digital market. And so these are virtual coins. and as far as we are concerned, Extons is also supporting crypto currency and this is too impressive  for mostly crypto users.  And new nsers might got much good thing.

  • Payment Gateways:-

It also supports multiple types of crypto currency for deposit and also withdrawl methods. And these are just as follows as we can say.

1) Bitcoin

2) Skrill

3) Nettler

4) Webmoney

5) Payoneer

6) Ethereum

7) Visa 

8) Altcoins

so it has multiple currencies that we can use them. And we can withdraw them more easily.

  • Registered Company:-

Our First fear is that if this platform or company might be scam, so we are too fearful fo this. And as far this case. This Company is Registered with a proof. And this is totally legit.This is legit and also Registered. And so I have a proof of the validity. And here is a proof,5f452e7773605ed9c9b84b0568659697ceee42014b7814c1dd0d70a8e8801ef3.png


So Extons has a great user experience z and also Registered. And so it can't be fake. And if you want taste of different types like crypto and fiat and crypto currency things, than you can just enjoy this platform more. 

And far as I will say that I have tested this platform, that was so much amazing experience and everything thing was so perfect. And I am still happy with this Paltform.

Useful Links:-

Website : https://www.extons.io/
Website : https://thisoption.com/
Website : https://www.extons.io/saving
Medium : https://medium.com/@thisoption.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/thisoption
Telegram : https://t.me/thisoption
WPP : https://www.extons.io/whitepaper

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