DRK Platform - An Innovative Defi Chain in Global Financial Syestem

By Bila0 | Cryptowriter | 2 Oct 2020

General Introduction:-

Crypto trading is the full-time work of many people around the globe. Many people migrating from forex and stock trading to crypto trading because of its high return of investment. So for this increasing number of traffic, we need many platforms where they can trade with high efficiency and easily.


Nowadays news even pro traders are facing many difficulties when they are using an exchange platform. Sometimes new traders get lost in this big mess and can't decide what to do first. Because of their lack of knowledge, they lose their morale.


Good traders always build up their strategy and make a solid plan for their goals. They have the plan to enter and exit a trade in certain conditions but that is too complicated for new traders. Extons is the platform that can help in this demand. Extons can help you to concentrate on planning out your goal and execute them systematically.


Trade With DRK Platform:-


With the most userfriendly UI and clean interface Draken can be used with much more efficiency than any other crypto exchange platform. A simple plan can be more effective than an over-analyzed and complicated plan. Draken helps their user to create a simple plan for trading and execute it effectively so that they can always be on the profitable side.



This platform is for ambitious investors. Draken will provide investors opportunities to finance any project they have. Users will be given a wide variety of trading features and tools to do execute and manage their trade. All these tools will help to leverage their assets to their full potential.


Darken TECH is a well-known company and it has millions of traders already. Every day more people joining the platform. For this wide range of users, multiple security levels have taken to protect their funds. They employ a Multitude of the process of verifying including 2-step authentication. This is a well known and one of the best tools to prevent any 3rd party access without users knowing.


DRK Platform And Features:-

These are listed below as follows,

1. Draken Sex:-

Draken offers the most secured and trusted Decentralized crypto exchange where various types of crypto assets and DeFi token can be purchased and traded. We all know Decentralized Exchange also known as (DEX) is the future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges ) . The Team of Draken as a visionary team has developed a decentralized Exchange that will serve the needs of the global traders.The Decentralized nature of Draken Dex will enable users enjoy absolute privacy and security. Users dont need to register on the platform before using it .Some self acclaimed DEXes who claimed to offer decentralized crypto trading services are semi-decentralized meaning they are not fully decentralized. Before trading on these exchanges, users will have to transfer funds from their wallet to the exchange trading wallets before they could trade. Examples of these exchanges are IDEX , FORKDELTA and many of them. They are not decentralized exchanges because users still need to move their funds into foreign wallets which is quite unsafe. Draken DEX stands out .06fa4f2dccc7ffa70e8fa7fbae6aebc5e31025ed06335ae6e9e7f8b8c2252194.jpeg

2. Draken Blockchain:-

Draken has developed an open and interactive blockchain system which will enable users interacting with the DRK platform via the Dapps developed on the DRK

chain .Draken focuses on efficiency , , easy , fast and secured transactions. The Draken platform aims to become one of the World blockchain powered finanicial industry.

3. Draken Gaming


Users can play a variety of games and win endlessly. The game on the Draken platform is very transparent as they run on a blockchain smart contract. There is no room for fraud. Customers instantly receive their winning prizes on their respective wallets. You don't have to wait forever your rewards. It is a gaming platform free from human manipulation because of the blockchain smart agreements that run and operate on it. Winning is used directly on consumer wallets through intelligent contracts.

4. Draken Staking:-


Draken Platform is a form of the Defi system aimed at undermining the current centralized global financial system. Customers can bet on tokens and earn interest based on their stack. Token Draken offers everyone a decentralized investment platform that enables any user to store, invest, and trade using Blockchain and DEP without any fuss.Involvement of any broker or intermediary.



DEXs has become the go-to tool for decentralized financing (Defi) at a special rate for investors in the corrupt exchange industry. There is no doubt that decentralized cryptocurrencies a must for cryptocurrencies. DRK Dex's exit simplifies the crypto trading system and solves most of the crypto exchange industry's challenges.

Soeme useful links are are as follows,


1. https://draken.tech/

2. http://bit.ly/DRKpaper

3. https://twitter.com/DRKDeFi

4. https://www.facebook.com/DRKDEX

5. https://medium.com/@DRKDeFi

6. https://t.me/Drakentech




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