ARCS | A New World Token, Developed By IFA
ARCS | KUCOIN Listed Token

ARCS | A New World Token, Developed By IFA

By Bila0 | Cryptowriter | 6 Jul 2020

Hello guys in my topic I am covering a unique token that has so much potential to go up!!!

So as for as taking to my topic I am saying that I am a new here, if you like my thread than you can follow me for the future updates and I will be very very thankful to you for this!!!


This An ARCS Token in which various human values can be turned into the assets and used as a social media coverages.

Actually in this blockchains technology IFA Developed few changes in this so that we might get proper Crypto Technology in our daily basis.



Actually IFA team is conducting Alot of structure and hard work on this so that they bring a bright future in the crypto world. So this token has following advantages that are described as follows,

  1. When Users Submit Data on their platform than they will get Reward Of ARCS as Incentive.
  2. And If a user Register data, then this will be the user that will be able to change, edit or delete His own data. And No One will get this.
  3. Moreover he will have full security and proxy that whether I Should have to give or read Authority to this user or not. And their data will always be safe and secure as they guarant.
  4. And if users have a good quality of data and people are Still interested in their data than they have a full authority to give them and they will get a reward for letting them to use their data. And this is the thing that caught my attention a to this token. So what can you say????
  5. Blockchains will also provide full time security to this. And they will let their user to safe and also clean.


ARCS is also build by a technology that they have almost a negligible fee to transact. And So that we might not have to pay almost 2 to dollars per transaction as big coins costs us.


This ARCS Token is a public Blockchain Token that is a very good thing. So this is because that anyone can detect fraud activity in Blockchain. And so this a public Friendly token!!!!

ARCS Token Details:-8e02df9.png

Issuer: IFA Co., Ltd.
Token Name: ARCS
Token Symbol: ARX
Total issues: 20,000,000,000 (20 Billion)
Decimal places: 18
Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC20
Contract address : 0x20b1a8a9ca1c7302b7f774266c491c7b11622779

Want To Sign Up:-

And if you are going to this site and want to sign up, than you should not work hard and I will leave website link below so that that you will get more benefits.


ARCS is running a 30k dollars bounty on Bitcointalk and so that they might promote their tokens more easily!!!
And so that people have a full awareness about them. And if you are interested in bounty than click the link below to go more further.


And if you are more interested than go to the link below to find and explore more details about this.


As for a Conclusion I will say that ARCS TOKEN is a great token. Cause it has a potential and big company is just supporting this. And this is the token that has a 24 hours volume is almost about 200k dollars plus. And so that a lot of people are trading . So anybody has their own visions about anything. So in my ways it is a best future token.
Ticker: ARX
Token Type: ERC20 Ethereum
Token Supply: 20,000,000,000 ARX


Bitcointalk Username: Bilugi
Bitcointalk Profile:Β
Ethereum Address: 0x1BAFcDDD8d924c1ecbDd771e3E31C37022E083B1


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I am a writer and I hope that might write good posts in this forum also.


Hello Guys I am a writer and I hope soon that I might post good posts for my readers!!!

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