Making money by searching on Google? It is posibble.

Making money by searching on Google? It is posibble.

By mbatory | Cryptoworld | 25 Mar 2019

Making money by searching? No, i am not retarded. Let me to show you the project with name Presearch (PRE).


Presearch (PRE) is a cryptocurrency (token) based on the Ethereum network along with the project to become the best decentralized search engine, it also promises to add much-needed changes to the search community. Google currently, let's be realistic, it's indestructible, with this in mind, Presearch is creating a transparent search engine that they describe as "fundamental" for the new open source internet, it's an alternative search engine that reinvents online searches from scratch, uses the participation of users to generate new search data.

PRE is an ERC20 token that can not be mined by ASIC or conventional computers, has been in the cryptocurrency market since early December 2017 where it was quoted at $ 0.10 per unit. Price today (2019-03-25) is $0.08 , but all-time-high is $1.40 reached on January 3. The amount of coins in circulation is 155,000,000 PRE together a total of 170,000,000 PRE and a maximum of 1,000,000,000, you can buy it on HitBTC, YoBit or CoinExchange. The market capitalization it has is 12,75 millions dollars (2019-03-25), which places it 236 in CoinMarketCap.


So, how to earn Presearch?

You need to register on Presearch webpage. Please, use my registration link. You will get 25PRE for free, when you use my link. I will get 25PRE aswell, when you use it, be there for more than 30 days and you have earned more than 100PRE.

Now you just need to search. That is all. You will be rewarded with 0.25PRE and daily limit is 32 searches, which is 8PRE per day. If you do this everyday in month, you would make 240PRE per month, which is $19.2 in current price. But with all-time-high it is $336. And you can also everytime change it to Bitcoin, which can grow up faster than Presearch.

You can also create more accounts on more devices and make more money by this project.

Some warnings:
•do NOT create more account on one devide. But if you want, use VPN. They cant find this.
•do NOT use any bots for searching. They will ban your account and you will not be rewarded.
•do NOT do all searches in like 1 minute. This is also violating of the system.
•withdraw is possible, when you have 1000PRE, so you need to do this 4 months (125 days). It is $60 in current price, but it can be more.
•webpage is page about the Presearch idea. Webpage is page for giving them away.

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