By Wealth Israel | cryptowealth | 8 Apr 2019

........So my phone rang that Monday morning to my greatest surprise it was from one of my newly trained clients on my Private crypto coaching course.

ANSELM: Bro, This BITCOIN THING is Scam oh?

ME: Huh why do you say that?

ANSELM: Well my pastor told us that Bitcoin & cryptocurrency is fraud and its 666 money, so we should stay far away from it.

ME: Wow I see, well people speak from there different standpoint of perception in life based on there level of knowledge and depth of insight. Nevertheless truth remains that people call almost everything scam nowadays even now they say churches and pastors are scam so does that mean your pastor is one too?

ANSELM: No way he isnt. But I was told your a Youth pastor ? Are you?

ME: Thats right.

ANSELM: Then why are you engaged in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.....

ME: Cause it gives me the time freedom I need to be dedicated in Gods work and yet also the financial freedom to explore life at will.

ANSELM: So what do you have to say about Crypto or bitcoin being a Scam and 666?

ME: Well, Cryptocurrency is money and money happens to be amoral i.e it assumes the state of its users money in the hand of a bad person is bad money and money in the hand of a good person is good money sameway money in the hand of a scammer is scam money.
The Question now boils down to who are you? cause what you do with your money is a direct reflection of who you are.

Then about the topic on 666 it will not be for today but he is not far from the truth in that when you study eschatology you discover that Cryptocurrency has a part to play as the end use case of money in the world before the return of Christ but now which will be the One world currency I dont know yet but technically it cant be bitcoin thats just 17 million in circulation and 21 million total supply.

ANSELM: Thanks so much for this you just opened my eyes I think I need knowledge as regards this.

ME: So thats how I sent "ANSELM" a short Video that explains the concept of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency for a total nook to understand.

I know you are eager to get that same Video well just relax as I will be posting that same Video by 9:00PM Nigerian time today.

But it will be on the FORCOUNT TRAILBLAZERS group where I will be providing daily mentorship for the next 90 days towards making 4× your capital and doubling your income overtime===>👇👇👇👇👇

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