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CoinmarketCap Graph Earn Goes Live $300 in GRT

By CryptoVS | The CryptoVS | 22 Dec 2020

CoinMarketCap $300 GRT Earn

CoinMarketCap is giving out $300 in GRT tokens through their earn campaign. 

This post is just to make everyone aware of the current CoinmarketCap campaign. I will be reviewing the Graph project in an another article coming soon. In the meantime I suggest researching it through the links in the resource section at the bottom of the page. 

Coinbase & CMC are not the same 

My previous post was on the Coinbase GRT earn program , and as far as I know there is still some Graph available as of this writing.

You can get all of the links to the Coinbase Earn program at my CryptoVS blog page here Coinbase Earn Goes Live

This is a totally different program being offered by CoinmarketCap so pay attention.

What You need to participate :

1. CoinMarketCap account

2. Binance or BinanceUS account

3. Twitter account

The usual rules apply :

You must have a CoinmarketCap account, and either a BinanceUS, or Binance account to participate. You will also need to have a Twitter account this time around because you will need to retweet the post from CoinmarketCap to meet all of the requirements. The original Tweet is embedded below.

I will also have all of the links you need to succeed in the resource section at the bottom of the page. 

* Remember, CoinmarketCap Earn works a little different than the Coinbase program. You must watch all the videos before taking the quiz, and you have to have your Binance Account ID # ready before you start ! Trust me, this will help you tremendously . 

Any questions please leave a comment below and I will try to help. 

You can enter the contest and learn more about Graph (GRT) here :

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