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My experience with Crypto Cats and Dragons

By Vladan Lausevic | CryptoVlad | 9 Feb 2023

I want to share my experience earning LIS by playing Crypto Cats and Crypto Dragons.

I have been playing these games for 5-10 minutes per day. Both games are easy and cool to play. 

And after playing for around eight months, I've earned more than 100 LIS, which is around 10 American dollars or 10 Euros.

I know this is not big money, but this is a game you can play for example when walking around on the bus. When you have a meeting like on Zoom and you want to do something to spend your extra time.

Also, I have not been using any of the paid functions meaning that I have not bought anything in the game. My income is based on not using any of the paid functions because there are functions in the game but you can pay money to get an upgrade to buy more speed. 

In general, I'm very satisfied with the game. I like to design I'm a cat person so I like the idea of crypto cats. I like the story of it and how its functions. These are among my first crypto games.

So if you are interested in the game, please check the link here and you can use my referral to get some bonus and I will also get some bonus. 

Thanks for reading and keep on gaming. 

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Vladan Lausevic
Vladan Lausevic

Based in Stockholm, Sweden as a social entrepreneur. Working with decentralization of democracy, climate transformation and economy. For more info, please get in touch with me via [email protected]


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