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By ChoCrypto | cryptoviews | 4 Sep 2020

Defi on Ethereum has been developing in the past 3 years. Only in 2020 DeFi blew up on Ethereum. Today we have plethora of tools to use on Ethereum from web3 interface like Metamarsk, on chain analysis like Dune analytics, portfolio trackers like Zerion, DEX aggregators like 1inch, Yield aggregators like, to many awesome protocols that we use today.

Tron is seeing the emergence of DeFi on its platform. DeFi on Tron is getting accelerated by high gas fees on Ethereum network.

I have decided to create this blog to track tools and website that I find useful on Tron ecosysterm. I will keep editing this blog as I find new tools as we go deeper.

  • this is like the Etherscan of Tron. You can view all the transaction that is happening on Tron blockchain
  • this is like Maker on Ethereum, here you can use your TRX to create a CDP (loan) to get USDJ which is a stable coin on Tron
  • this is Uniswap of Tron. You can trade Tron tokens here.
  • is like Metamask on Ethereum. You will need this to connect with all your DeFi activities. You will need to install a chrome extension.
  • is like Synthetix on Ethereum. Here you can create a loan or mint synthetic assets using OKS token as a collateral. Oikos is a platform enabling the creation of on-chain synthetic assets that give exposure to other assets by tracking their real-world price.
  • is probably the biggest something driving DeFi on Tron right now.T ronFi is a leading blockchain and smart contract development platform that will extend the nascent decentralized finance industry to more than 1 million Tron users. As a decentralized autonomous organization, anybody is free to claim their stake in the future of DeFi on Tron and contribute towards its growth.
  • to farm Pearl which is one of Tronfi products. Pearl is planned to be like YFI on Tron
  • is more like SushiSwap on Tron or Uniswap with a token.
  • SUN is a social experiment, which focuses on the DeFi potential of TRON. Designed as the quintessential Bitcoin equivalent on the TRON network, SUN features zero VC investments, zero PE investments, no pre-mining or reserves for the team, and is wholly operated by the community through its open-source smart contracts. We hope to use SUN to promote the vigorous development and possibilities of TRON's DeFi self-governance community. You can farm Sun with your TRX.
  • to farm JFI using Justswap LP tokens. Jackpool is planning to be a yield aggregator for Tron.
  • TronDash is the Tron ecosystem’s epicenter for dApp dividend management. Pioneering the incorporation of div data into an intuitive interface where Tron users can see their daily earnings, reinvest, or withdraw it all with a single click.

This is what I am using at this stage. I will update as I experiment. Please always exercise caution as this is very new and I expect some issues as we bootstrap the new economy

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