Starting My Journey On Hive | Already Seems Like A Big Responsibility

Finally, but I'm still out of my breath. No, it was not a mountain or ocean but it seemed quite challenging to me. And boy, if I had not found any help, it would've been much harder.

Yup, I'm talking about Hive. Yeah, I know, maybe it was not a big deal for most of you but I felt totally helpless while signing up. I heard about it a couple of months ago and immediately checked the website but it seemed quite a lot messy. And I thought let's wait for some time or I'll do it on Sunday because I couldn't find any reliable source.  Honestly, I was afraid of it.

Then, I realized it was already April and I was super busy as I started my internship. It was a lot of pressure to juggle with my college project and internship., didn't even have time to publish here. Then, the last week of April and I felt a sigh of relief.

So, I thought to expand my horizon for blogging, I'm still kind of new here and also don't have much of a social presence and networking which I think are really helpful in blogging and crypto.

But the major hurdle with hive was the initial steps as I'm not used to them yet but thanks to some online tutorials and guidance I was able to complete the process which was not that much complicated if had paid some attention.

Also, I've joined leofinance which was quite simple, once you have signed up on hive.

I don't think these platforms need any introduction so I'm gonna skip it but I will definitely publish a post in few days regarding how to start your journey on hive.

And yes, I was not able to find my referral links. Please let me know in the comments, where I can find my referral links.


First Post of Hive Guidance: ULTIMATE BEGINNER'S GUIDE FOR HIVE | POST 1/3 

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