Lost 80% of my capital || Sharing my novice trading experience
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Lost 80% of my capital || Sharing my novice trading experience

This is my first article on publish0x and I'm very excited to publish it. But the event, this article is covering was very unpleasant.

Although it taught me a lot and forced me to take crypto seriously. Yes, that's true I was not taking it seriously but thanks to this mishappening, I stumbled upon publish0x and got to know this community.

It was early 2017 when I first heard of bitcoin through a news article but didn't really caught up to it and blew it because I was a student back then and thought it is out of my league. Then, in March 2020 when the crash happened, my friend told me about an exchange that operates in South-East Asia and forced me to download it on my phone. I never really used it but also didn't uninstalled it. And then after several months, I read an article about bitcoin crossing its previous ATH and that's when I decided, let's go in.

But the coin in which I put my money was XRP because there was an airdrop and that's where things went crazy. Because when I bought the coins, it was at ~$0.62/xrp and soon it went down by 10%. But I was hoping that 2-3 days before the snapshot of wallet price will come back to ~$0.7 or ~$0.8 and it did reach ~$0.65 but till then I had convinced myself that just like bitcoin, xrp will also cross its previous ATH and decided to hold my coin for 4-5 weeks.

And then the day of apocalypse came, 24th December 2020, I was keeping my eye on every article related to xrp and bitcoin but never came across one with the SEC case. I don't know how I missed it but I did miss it. So, the time zone of my country is 5:30 hrs ahead that of UTC and the news about SEC  was making headlines at the midnight amidst Christmas. I was already asleep and when I woke up in the morning it was already very late, the price already plummeted to ~$0.45 and I got anxious. After which I made some quick buy/sell orders just because I didn't know where it is going and finally in the afternoon decided to withdraw and leave crypto behind with a loss of nearly 75% -80%.

But after 2-3 days I changed my decision and determined to fight back and that's when I started my extensive research in the world of crypto and came across this community learned about what decentralization truly is and why it's much more than investment.

Write now I'm holding various altcoins and a tiny amount of bitcoin but they probably are just dust according to binance norms. But I will keep expanding my portfolio day by day. I am also trying to enter into the hard side of crypto and I've already completed 2 courses regarding blockchain and smart contracts which I will keep expanding.

So, follow the blog if you are interested or leave the advice in the comments for me.

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