Thundercore [TT]

By GameWatch21 | CryptoVerse21 | 21 Aug 2020

Have you heard about Thundercore [TT]? well if no then you are in the right place to read about Thundercore

Thundercore [TT]

Searching this on the Currency option at coingecko is really hard :), alright now lets go to the main topic

What Is
ThunderCore ?

Founded by top researchers and engineers in the field, ThunderCore is a leading public blockchain with its own native currency. Our servers are entirely trustful, decentralized, fault tolerant, and set a new standard of reliability and security.

By solving usability and adoption challenges, ThunderCore leads the effort to bring wide adoption to blockchain technology.

How It Works.

Our Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, PaLa, is the most performant, efficient, and simple of its class. It’s based on years of groundbreaking research by Professors Shi and Pass—every step of the protocol is fully specified and backed by rigorous mathematical proofs.

Simple, economically incentivized election scheme allows open participation, with variable number of participants and fast fault recovery. Node operators can freely join our network and earn ThunderToken (TT) in exchange for running our network. Incentives and slashing crypto-economically guarantee good behavior and the security of our blockchain. The result: vastly improved speed and performance with no security tradeoffs. Join ThunderCore in realizing the true potential of blockchain and together see wide adoption of this groundbreaking technology.


1 sec confirmation.
Seamless user experience.

Also it is feeles

EVM Compatible

Full compatibility with all Ethereum smart contracts and tools.
Port in seconds.


4,000+ TPS performance on par with VISA.
Low gas fees.


Consensus protocol mathematically proven to be secure and unhackable.

Their Vision

Core Beliefs That Drive Us

Blockchain will fundamentally change the way humans interact with technology

People will increasingly rely on, and trust, decentralized authority and service providers.

Unrestricted access to the benefits and value created by technology is a universal right.

The future is open, decentralized, and transparent.

Real Blockchain Real Benefits


ThunderCore is committed to deploying our global team of seasoned engineers, entrepreneurs and professionals to bring revolutionary technology to the masses. We are building a world where the real benefits of blockchain technology are tangible and present.

Thundercore Partners


Financial Freedom


Crypto Powered Financial Freedom

The decentralized economy is direct, efficient, and provides more freedom.

Data Storage


Blockchain Guaranteed Hassle-Free Data Storage

All data stored on ThunderCore are transparent, immutable and trackable.

Smart Contracts


what else can Blockchain do?
Smart Contracts are the answer

Smart contracts are automatic and verifiably trustless––total game changer.


As conclusion, Thundercore have many good feature, as Thundercore is a PoS or a Proof-of-Stake coin, Now the have their SuperNode staking at v2 otherwise you can visit their v1 staking pool that arent working now so you cant deposit or Withdraw from there

You can also play free games that reward you Thundercore, it is pretty cool since i also use their dapps official or by community, for the next post i will be posting out some dapps that for me was a good Dapps for you to start

Even the price wasnt that expensive but with that you can earn more TT by Supernode staking or by playing and gamble your TT

Now it is time for you to Explore the Thundercore Universe

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