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D.Faucets and Hangouts

By GameWatch21 | CryptoVerse21 | 28 Dec 2020

Hello everyone, long time no see, it's been a while and im writing post at the end of christmas (i mean december)

I've found out many interesting project to share with, many news i want to share too

That's why, now i want to start with D.Faucets and Hangouts

So what is D.Faucets and Hangouts?

D. refer to Discord while the Faucets and Hangouts well you know what is this

This discord server provide you to earn crypto while hangout with other users, you can share your earnings, talk with others, or stream games together?

Our discord server give you a faucet bot that let you earn crypto for begginers (or begging-ners)

We list many currency where you can earn on that discord server, such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Stoink (For fun purpose)
  • Telokanda (Hive and EOS blockchain)
  • Beyondcoin (Will send a post about this coin soon)
  • Allsafe (Will send a post about this coin soon)
  • Goatcash

And more currencies will be added soon (probably)

We though by building a faucet bot you can get free crypto while chatting with others, playing games with others

And yes, we still new and not much members joined, we want to share this with you, that probably also a discord user that would like to know about crypto or probably already know about crypto but didnt know where you can get free crypto

Come to this discord server and earn together with your friends

This faucet bot helped by tip.cc

A discord tipbot that help crypto user to tip between user without fee and this bot list more than 60+ different currencies

Give you a great tool to check prices (using coingecko.com api) and an estimated value within the bot

With this amazing tool that tip.cc provide, our faucet bot can make an automatic withdrawal function to tip.cc and with tip.cc you can send it to your own private wallet, awsome right?

Here's just some sneak peak on our discord server, for those who interested to help our server to build, or just want to claim faucet, then you can help us by inviting your friend, play games, talk about crypto prices, etc

We accept everyone (except alts or self-bot) so come join our Discord Server


Written by: GameWatch21

Thank you for reading my post, make sure to comment if you have any suggestion on my post or interested on project i write

Tell your friend about the project (not my post) and spread the word

Last but not least, Stay Healthy


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