6 months of being on Uptrennd

6 months of being on Uptrennd

By cryptovato1 | Cryptovato's tips | 5 Nov 2019

On May 3rd I joined Uptrennd. Today  I’ve been here for 6 months and it’s my anniversary. At the beginning for me it was just one more site of all other crypto sites where I belong. 

I was really surprised when I opened my computer few days later and saw pretty good response on my post: New rise of Bytecoin. So many cool comments were below that article there, I remember Elena’s, Luke’s, Nathan’s and Alidervashe’s. It felt really cool.

And I decided that all my post that I was posting to Publish0x were gonna be published on Uptrennd. Then I switched my focus on Uptrennd.

I started to practice my writing abilities. Honestly I didn’t have much experience with it. Before I only was preparing power point slides for my students of Finance or Marketing. But there was one thing; I’ve always wanted to become a writer. The problem is that I’ve never had a clue what kind of writer. I tried sci-fi stories about aliens from the 27th century, LOL. But it’s hard to connect the dots of a novel.

And I discovered that writing has become a certain passion for me.

What I can tell you about Uptrennd from May:

Uptrennd was like a toddler, there were only 5,000 Trenndians back then. In those times the most successful post were getting as a top 100 – 150 upvotes, no more than that. Going from one level to another, took much longer. But I was determined that I was going to make it on Uptrennd.

I started slow but with steady progress, step by step. Writing and doing engagement.

Has it ever happen to you? You slept all night and you wake up in the morning and the first thing you wanna know is to find out how many points have you earned while sleeping which is implied in the definition of passive income.

I noticed that some of my posts became successful in June when I wrote 10 digital marketing laws fitted to Uptrennd.

In July I won the weekly leaderboard contest, only once. And started to work as VA of Uptrennd’s team. All the members of the VA’s team are great partners and have been learning really quickly. What a professional team! My deepest respect for all of them because they are doing all together an awesome job.

June, July, August and October were very good months for me.

 As you could have noticed I didn’t mention September, I did few posts too but I wasn’t that constant because of my other activities. This is something important to share: We share level ups, success but we often don’t talk if something didn’t go as planned. I measure my performance, I check my daily points, weekly points, monthly points, I record all of it.  I did basically the same as in August, but I didn’t grow that month. So at the end of September I told myself, what the heck? I have to do something about it and I started to do my daily records for my video How much can you earn on Uptrennd? It really motivated me.

What did I do with my points? 

90% of them I used to level up, 10% for withdrawal. This is my case, each of you has to make your own decision based on your preferences and circumstances.

These were my experiences. But what else happened on Uptrennd?

From the very beginning I perceived Uptrennd as a very friendly community. IMO this is a real difference when you compare Uptrennd with other crypto social media. I will be totally honest, in some sites people aren’t that friendly and cool like our Trenndians. That counts a lot, at least for me.

Another thing was that I felt from the very beginning is that all the team, management and Jeff himself are really considering what the community wants. We always focus on that.

We have celebrated great moments such as: Burning 90% of all 1UP tokens, listings on Altilly and on Idex, withdrawals, great strategic alliances with other companies, the week of testimonies of Trenndians – some of them really touched me deeply. Just knowing  about some difficult conditions in certain countries and despite all of it, all of us are Uptrennding here day by day, with a great enthusiasm, thriving as a great community that we are.

Our community has also undergone some challenging moments such as scammers’ attack and  but fortunately Uptrennd as a highly evolving community that always finds the way how to deal with all kinds of issues. I don’t know if you heard Kelly’s Clarkson song: Stronger. It’s a fact, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and actually scammers made us stronger.

Plus I’ve made a lot of Trenndian friends and met great team mates across  all different countries. We come from different environment, we have different customs and mindset, that’s what makes our community diverse and rich in all kind of senses. When I see what all of you are achieving every day, you motivate me. Plus we are learning pretty good deal, and share great tips for crypto world.

I’ve switched Facebook for Uptrennd and my work has also become Uptrennd. And I absolutely don’t regret about it.

If you asked me, what have been the top 5 best things that happened in my life, Uptrennd would be there without any doubt and   without no particular order (that’s the phrase I borrowed from American Idol LOL). And believe it or not: We are Trennding for our life! If you are convinced about something, you stick to your beliefs and do whatever it takes.

I send you lots of good vibes, wish a good luck to all of you and remember always do what makes you happy! 

If you want to check the complete article on Uptrennd: https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/6-months-of-being-on-uptrennd~MTY1OTU0

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