Bitcoin price in a halving frenzy: BTC is attacking the $ 10,000


The endless debate about the Halving & Bitcoin course

Dear readers - The endless debates about the effects of halving on the Bitcoin course began a few months ago. The pages were hardened and opinions varied:

While some have been considering halving as priced since hour 0, others see halving as one of the key factors in the long-term rise in the Bitcoin price, despite its predictability. In this sense, we can almost be glad that the halving of the block guard will arrive soon and that these debates will decrease somewhat at least for the next 3 years.

From the annual perspective, it is clear that BTC can record an annual increase of around 36% on May 7, 2020. So the Bitcoin price was able to do very well and outperform its competitors (S & P500, DAX and Gold).


The rally that BTC has made since the sharp decline in mid-March is impressive:

After all, we're talking about a recovery that started at $ 4,121 on March 13 and has now moved the Bitcoin price to a level of $ 9,814. BTC thus rose from its annual low by more than 100% within two months and is now attacking its preliminary annual high of around $ 10,400 as part of the halving.

The showdown will come in a few days

As we have just noticed, the performance of the Bitcoin price is quite presentable this year. Nevertheless, we have to admit that other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum performed even better. You can find more about this in the following article: Click me.

Let's get back to Bitcoin. The long-term signs are bullish and, as I wrote in my analysis recently, the chances are high that Bitcoin will soon trade above $ 10,000 . At the time of publication, this may already be the case.

If you do not yet have a BTC and would like to grab the opportunity before halving, then we can recommend our favorite broker below. But be careful: do not blindly follow articles (not even ours!), But deal with the matter and form your own opinion. Learn to understand the added value Bitcoin offers and why it is much more than a pure investment vehicle.

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