Bee Network Has Already Had Its First Halving

By Successful Author | CryptoUpdates! | 12 Dec 2020

Developed by the Bee Games team and released in the end of November, Bee Network aims to create an inclusive currency. This project has already gained 150.000 users, as Google Play and App Store stats state, and everything makes think that these numbers will be surpassed very soon. These astonishing numbers lead the team to the drastic decision to make an halving, also if we are still in the very first days of this ambitious project. 

Rewards have passed from 1.60 Bee per hour to just 0.80 Bee per hour, more 25% for each referred users.


But what is exactely this new app?

Maybe you know Pi Network, the first project of this kind. The concept is simple and we already explained it here. Basically you just have to tap once a day to login and then the system will give you a certain amount of coins according to how many people you invited. If you still aren't a Pi Network user sign up with my invite code, kisai95. Yesterday Pi reached the goal of 10 millions of users and predictions of its price once on the market are pretty high, ranging from $1 to $10.


Pi Network Home Page



Bee Network Homepage: you can find similarities between the two.

Pi Network announced it is about to be released on the market in about one year, and it will be a win for its founders and users. But what has it to do with you? You did not signup to Pi.

If you did not buy Bitcoin when they were a new thing would you have considered buying Ethereum? The same is happening now, and the best is that this time to get that chance you just have to download an app. You risk no money and no effort (just a tap a day). What are you waiting for?If youhave lost the train to Pi Network, you are still in time for the Bee one! 


What should I do? 

Just sign up here and insert my invitation code, immanuelkany , when required. You're all set to mine the next crypto!


Earning Tips:

🏅Betfury: 12 satoshi every 20 minutes, dividends for playing: //

🎖️Current pays you with prizes or Paypal cash for listening to their radios! Good music of famous artists, give it a try!

⭐ Bee Network, exactely as Pi Network, but just born and even more fast growing! Don't miss the chance this time! Sign up here, insert my refer code immanuelkany and get 1 BEE extra, and then 2BEE every hour, and more if you invite people. Learn more here.

🏆 Stepdrop walk for cryptos!

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