Ethereum Gas Fees - Save 15-20% per transaction - UPDATE

By Scaramanga007 | CryptoTrix | 1 Sep 2020


A week ago, I made a post about horrific gas fees of up to 300 Gwei and how you could save 15-20%.

Given the fact that gas fees have blown up to nearly 500 Gwei, and its become almost impossible to trade right now, its worthwhile reposting this trick with an update on savings that are possible.

Essentially, instead of trading in ETH you trade with Wrapped ETH (WETH) since Uniswap works as WETH pairs and has to sell ETH for WETH on every trade. Let's try a new example with a trade of 2 ETH for some AKRO


 Total cost of this trade using ETH = $44.23   Eek!

Now lets try again using 2 WETH:


Total cost of this trade using WETH instead = $37.74  is a saving of $6.51

This is obviously still not worth it, if you are doing one trade but if you are trading several times a day it is worth converting a portion of your ETH to WETH to take advantage of this.





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