All the Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Freelance Work

By CryptoTrips | CryptoTrips | 15 Aug 2020

We are witnessing the death of traditional employer-employee relationships. Currently we can live separated by oceans or continents, or may be traveling non-stop, and continue to work without problems, earning bucks or euros. However with exaggerated capital controls and money oversight, several freelancers are selecting to be paid in Bitcoin. It's cheaper, quicker than ancient international payments, and works globally.

Here is wherever the Cryptocurrency-focused Freelance Sites appear.
These are sites that enable you to register as a person searching for a freelancer or a freelancer looking for jobs.

Here we go with some of them:

  • r / Jobs4Bitcoins: Reddit's Jobs4Bitcoins is one of the busiest places to find paid work in BTC.
  • Cryptogrind: One of the oldest and most well-liked freelance Bitcoin sites.
  • Coinality: Coinality is another solid place to seek out freelance and half / full time work that pays in Bitcoin.
  • WorkingforBitcoins: The web site title says: you'll be able to notice jobs that pay in BTC.
  • Freelanceforcoins: Another freelance web site that pays in Bitcoin and other altcoins.
  • Bitfortip: A bit different than the other sites we've listed so far, it focuses on micro-tasks, instead of freelance work, and pays in Bitcoin or Nano.
  • CryptoJobs: Offers freelance and regular work for different positions within the Blockchain business.
  • BitGigs: A very active Bitcoin job board, with a good vary of listings.
  • Blocklancer: A freelance job web site that pays in Ethereum.
  • CryptoJobsList: Another active job web site providing freelance and half / full time positions within the Blockchain.


Additionally, there are variety of microtasking sites that enable you to earn Satoshis for finishing mini-tasks on the Lightning Network.

  • Stakwork: Allows you to instantly pay or earn Sats for finishing a spread of straightforward tasks. You'll be able to collaborate with an army of microworkers if you would like one thing completed.
  • Paid: An application for iOS and Android that allows users to get paid on Sats for finishing easy tasks.
  • MicroLancer: A P2P task list board wherever you'll be able to post employment you wish done or request to finish one among the posted ones.
  • EarnSats: allows you to receive payments in BTC through the lighting network doing online surveys.
  • Sats for likes: An application where you receive payments in Sats for providing likes on social networks on trendy platforms as Twitter and YouTube.


And now appears Bitwage, and get paid in BTC on Ancient Freelancer Sites. Traditional freelancing platforms, in contrast to their crypto counterparts, aren't niche and have an enormous quantity of job listings and opportunities. But the disadvantages are that they don’t pay in BTC, which there's loads additional competition for the gigs that are posted, as there are loads additional freelancers submitting proposals.

Freelance sites like Guru, Upwork, Fiverr, Flexjobs, and SolidGigs, all pay wages in FIAT currency, that may take a jiffy to clear and it gets dearly-won when they take their fees. This is where Bitcoin really shines as a payment for freelancers.

The workaround to the restrictions of ancient freelancing sites that pay in FIAT, is to use Bitwage. This company makes Bitcoin, for both employers and employees.

Bitwage is a Bitcoin-centric Payroll and Human Resources service that allows employers and employees to pay or be paid in BTC. You can choose to receive your pay 100% in BTC, or Bitwage will provide you with a little of your wages in FIAT currency, and a little of your wages in BTC.

They will provide you with a US bank account, that you'll be able to use to receive payments from your freelance platform’s fiat compensation system. Once the cash hits your Bitwage account, they're going to instantly convert some or all of it to BTC and send it to your wallet. The great issue is that since your employer only sees a US bank account, they don’t even need to apprehend you’re receiving your payment in Bitcoin.

This solution also works for those who have any kind of traditional employment. You just modify your direct deposit data or deposit your checks directly into your Bitwage account and be paid in Bitcoin.

Thats all. I hope it helps you.

Dont forget to research, read, learn, enjoy, follow me (the less important one) HERE... and with or without freelance work, be happy!

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