Womplay,play,earn free rewards in EOS or BTC

Womplay,play,earn free rewards in EOS or BTC

Hello everyone! I recently joined Womplay. I have almost a week there, and I can say that I love Womplay :) !

What is Womplay?

Well, in just a few words, Womplay is a reward platform for playing games & earning NFT`s.

You will receive WOMBUCKs,their token and you will participate in the weekly Reward Pool of (2500$). The reward will depend on the number of wombucks you earned during this period. 


How to win Wombucks? Very simple! Just for registration you will get 1000 wombucks!

You will receive daily missions and you will be rewarded in wombucks .


If you play mobile games,you can get some nice rewards too. It will pay wombucks even just for downloading the game.


You can play some quick play games,and you will be rewarded in wombucks. 

Another way is the daily box : at this moment,just the silver one is active,maybe the golden one will be soon launched :)


As I said,they pay a weekly amount in EOS or BTC depending on your Wombucks amount got that week.

I have a missions, and if you are interested in Womplay and want to get some free BTC/EOS , I will really appreciate if you will use my referral link to register,because you will help me with my mission :)


Register on Womplay


I hope I helped some of you that are looking for some free passive income. Have a great week,my friends !

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