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My weekly income # Week 1

By ionutzu97 | Faucets and other things | 11 Jun 2022

Hello everyone! I will start to publish a new series about my weekly income and the sources of income I am currently using. 

I am currently playing some games and using faucets. I will start with the games :


1. SplinterLands

My personal favorite game. One of the best crypto card games I played. They recently made an update, and the rewards for playing it (as a beginner) are much better and more valuable. In order to play, you will need to pay 10$ to buy the pass. After that, you are free to play, using free cards. You will also earn a chest at the end of the season and at the end of the mission. You can earn via playing and getting more cards/coins, you can earn SPS just for owning the cards, and you can stake the SPS for a 50% APR. You can rent the cards for DEC. There are many ways to earn from this game. I am at the beginning, but I hope soon I will get some good income from it.


A mining simulator game. If you register with my affiliate link you will earn 5 free miners, one for each coin: BTC,ETH,LTC,DOGE,USDT. You can claim from your miners the coins they make. You can reinvest your income to buy more miners, or you can withdraw your earnings. I personally withdraw via PAYER,I made over 30 withdraws, so I can assure you that it is safe and not a scam.


Another mining simulation game. I love this one! You can play their games to earn more mining power to mine over 7 coins. Now it is the perfect moment to register, you will get 1000 sats for free, using the link and now it is an event: Season V. 


You will earn XP just for logging in, but you will earn it if you will do the missions too. You can easily get 2 miners for free if you are active and play 5 mins/per day.


A free game on the HIVE Chain. In this game, you are a singer and you will perform some concerts. The money you earn increases by leveling up.


Another game that I love is NFTPanda. Here you have to do some missions with the pandas that you need to buy. After you got a panda you are free to go. The prices are really low,and the income after you get at least 1 common panda and 1 weapon is getting better and better. You can send them to hunt BAM the official coin or to gather some materials for weapons or crystals for jewelry. 


Here you can go in the missions to mine TLM for free.


In DCrops,you are a farmer, and got you to need to buy land and some seeds. The seeds are sold to obtain CROP. You can replant the seeds that you have. A nice passive income game.

Now let`s see the faucets :



One of the first faucets that I used. You can claim every hour some sats.


Over 70 coins. You can claim every hour some Dutchy with which you can mine crypto. You can claim every hour the monthly coin too for more passive income.


Hourly LTC faucet.


One of my favorite casino platforms.  You can claim every 6 hours from 8 cryptos. You can play games and earn mining power,they will get you TXT.  You can stake TXT to earn more passive income.


One of my new casino platforms. I love playing on this platform,and from playing, you will earn STARs. You will get daily dividends in BTC,BNB and TRX just for owning some STARs. Give it a try!


Another casino platform. They got more games and by playing them you will get BFG. With BFG you will start to earn passive income from dividends.

Overall this is all my income from faucets and games:


I am aware that my gains will increase over time, from getting more and more resources and coins to stake.

Thank you for your time and I will really appreciate it if you will use my referral link for registering on them! 

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Faucets and other things
Faucets and other things

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