My top faucets second week of November report

By ionutzu97 | Faucets and other things | 17 Nov 2021

Hello everyone! I wanted to make another ranking for my faucets' income! I keep tracking of the income from them. Let`s see the results for 8-14 November.

So, I want to present them starting with the biggest income to the lowest. Let`s see them. (I put my referral link in their name, so if you wanna join, I will be glad if you will use my link).



My mention is that on 13 November I was away and could not enter to claim from the faucets. I ended the month with 2.53 $.


1.  Crypto Royale

This is a play-to-win free game. You can play it on . You earn  ROY for competing against other players and win. You receive 86 % APY just for staking it on your wallet. I earned, as you can see, around 55 ROY, which means around 1.3 $. This took me around 5 mins/day playing the game.

2. TrustDice

Still one of my favorite casino games with a free faucet. You can claim coins every 6 hours. After you claim coins, you can use them to play on dice/slots/crush and many more. For each bet, you will gain mining power. With mining power, you will mine TXT, the trust dice coin. You can stake TXT to get dividends in USDT,EOS,ETH,BTC. More TXT staked means more dividends. So, why don`t you take this chance to make some free gains?

TrustDice got me around $0.5 for just 5 mins/ day. (those 2-3 mins were for playing the dice game). 

3. BC.Game

BC.Game is another casino game. Here, after you register you will get a freewheel roll. You will get a freewheel roll every day. The max prize is 1 BTC.

You can play casino/slots and more to get EXP. When u hit a new level, you will receive rewards and new ways to win more.

I rolled just JB, for some days in a row, but then I got 1 TRX.  0.11 $ from it, and some coins from staking.

4. BTCPop

This is a faucet where you can claim every 30 mins. They have many coins to claim. After you claim them, they will start to be automatically staked. 

As you can see, I got around $0.10 spending around 1 min/day .

5. Womplay

A new way to win from just playing games. Womplay rewards you for playing some mobile games. You can do missions to get some coins, a daily login bonus, and daily treasure. After that, you can get your coins out in BTC or EOS. I earned around $0.19 from 5 mins/day.

6. PipeFlare

Maybe many of you already know about PipeFlare. A faucet where you can claim ZEC,MATIC and Flare.

You can get flare by playing 7 of their games, and by rolling the freewheel spin in each of their games. If you are in the top 200 players in any of the games you will get rewarded in ZEC. You can stake Flare to get passive income.

Earned around $0.04 for playing like 2 mins/day.

7. Publish0x 

This one is my 7th source of income. I usually enter to read more interesting things and I tip the author if I like the article. I post around once/ week, but I think I will start to write more.

Here I got around $0.09.


One of the oldest bitcoin faucets. Here you can roll a number once/hour. I am glad to see the wheel of fortune here too. You will receive an email once per day and get a free spin. 

I got around $0.085 for 2 mins/ day.

9. GlobalHive

Another ZEC faucet. You can claim once/day . Every streak gives you more income.

I got $0.016 for 1 min/day.

10. CryptoWin

A new BTC faucet, but I can say that I love it. I enter just 2-3 times/day (I will try to enter more often because it`s a really good one).

You will get between 1-5 sats (I usually got 3-5) once every 15 mins. You can earn interest buying 1 share of revenue. 1 Share is 1000 sats and it will be active for 180 days. For 180 days , the return is 126% . So, for 1000 sats invested, you will get 260 sats bonus.

Got around $0.0217 for 1 min/day

11. BetFury

Another casino game with free faucet. Here they are named boxes, and you can claim from them every 20 mins. They got many events and the boxes can get bigger and maybe more new boxes depending on the event.

Here I got around $0.027 for 2 mins/day.

12. FaucetCrypto

A faucet where you have multiple ways to earn their coins. I wanted to withdraw in DOGE, so the amount was around $0.02 for 1min/day.

13. FreeLitecoin

My last one is a faucet for LTC. Here you can roll a number every hour. For entering 2 times/day I got $0.0138 .

Another mentions for the faucets I use :

AutoFaucet - here you can claim from over 58 coins , and even earn interest from staking.

BitcoinMania - fun game, with 3 faucets/miners BTC,ETH,DOGE. Register with my link and you will got 3 free miners.

RollerCoin - another mining game. This one is an old one, with new updates and events,love it. Register with my link and get 1000 free sats.

So these are my faucets...if you got some other faucets or other passive income ways for free,let me know in the comments bellow. 

Have a good week :)


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Faucets and other things
Faucets and other things

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