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Earn passive income by playing a free game

Hello and welcome to a free game review!

Welcome back to another post about how to generate passive income. I am playing a mining-free game, for around 3-4 months. 

Bitcoin Mania

BitcoinMania is a free mining game, where all you have to do is to buy miners, claim the coins they are collecting and reinvest to buy more miners for more passive income, and play minigames to earn some more BTC.

How much can you get by entering 1 time/day this game?

If you register with my affiliate link you will get 5 miners,1 for each crypto coin existing in the game: BTC,ETH,DOGE,LTC and USDT.

Claiming from these free miners 1/day,you will get : 0.00000010 BTC ; 0.00000600 ETH ; 0.03000  DOGE ; 0.00006300 LTC ; 0.01000 USDT.

This will result in a total of ~ 0.04 $/day. But that is not all! You can play 3 minigames, to earn 0.00000120 BTC/day = 0.015 $.


So, just for registering with my affiliate link: and playing the minigames, you will earn from the first day around 0.055 $ /day. You can reinvest all the coins to buy more miners and get more passive income. You can withdraw the money right away after you claim them.

Big discount these days!

The team announced many new updates upcoming and with that, they offered a big discount on some miners:

  • BTC MINERS - 82% off
  • ETH MINERS - 7% off
  • DOGE MINERS -57% off
  • LTC MINERS - 7% off
  • USDT MINERS - 7% off


How much money do I earn now after 4 months?

Well,I have 5 BTC Miners wich bring me 0.00000408 BTC =>  0.157 $/day

2 ETH Miners => 0.027$

3 DOGE Miners => 0.011$

1 LTC Miners => 0.007$

1 USDT Miners => 0.01$ 

This bring me a total of 0.212$/day . 0.212$*30 days = 6.36$/month.


This was all. I hope this help some of you to get some passive income.
I will appreciate if you will register with my affiliate link. Have a great day!


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