Crypto Casino with Free Faucets and Staking

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new post.

This time I want to tell you about the casino websites that I am using to get some passive income via dividends. I am playing on 4 casino platforms. 

3 of the platforms are granting users free cryptos, with them you can play games and receive their tokens, and with that token, you receive some free dividends. 


This is my newest casino platform and they do not offer free crypto.  You must deposit in order to get their coin, STAR. With the STAR token, you will receive daily rewards in BTC, TRX, and BNB.

I started to play on 1 May, but I already enjoy this casino platform. They have the following features:

  • Cashback on 10 different levels. On the first level, where you will start, the cashback rate is 1%. And the 10th lvl,is 30%
  • For every bet you make,you will receive STAR coins.
  • With STAR coins, you will receive dividends.

Let`s see some statistics for the 4 days of playing :

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So far, I got 425 STAR`s tokens. At this moment,for every 4.87 TRX wagered (I am using TRX to play) you will get 1 STAR token.

I will appreciate if you wanna give it a try using my referral link : Register on StarBets


One of my oldest casino platforms. Many slot games, dice games and sport bets.

The features :

  • You will get every day for login 1 TXT (the platform coin, used to mine dividends)
  • Every 6 hours faucets (I usually claim BTC *32 sats* , but there are 9 faucets).
  • You will receive daily dividends in EOS,BTC,ETH,USDT.
  • Cashback from 0.5 % to 20 %.


If you wanna give it a try, this is my referral link: Register on TrustDice

Another casino platform with free rewards is this one. Every day you can spin the wheel to get some prizes.


They got Slots, Casino games, live casinos, Sports bets, Lottery, and more.

Features :

  • They got a level system, wherewith wagering more and more, you will get exp, and you will level up. 
  • Many ways to win with lvl up, more occasions to get more free rewards.
  • Tasks to get more free rewards.

You can give it a try: Register on Bc.Game


The last casino platform that I am using is BetFury. 

The features :

  • Free daily spins to win free cryptos
  • Cashback lvl`s
  • Free crypto boxes for BTC, BNB, and their token BFG.
  • With BFG staking, after reaching 10 BFG, you will start to earn dividends in ETH, BTC, TRX, BNB, and USDT.
  • Wagering more and more, you will get more BFG tokens.



You can give it a try : Register on BetFury

Thank you for reading my article and have a great week!

If you got any question feel free to ask :) 


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Faucets and other things
Faucets and other things

Free faucets link with referral link ; ways to get free crypto and staking

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