BetFury - Online Casino - On my Way to get 1k BFG

By ionutzu97 | Faucets and other things | 29 Apr 2022

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new topic I wanted to start to talk about, and that it`s BetFury!

I know that you can go on google and search for it, but I would be very thankful if you will register via my referral link: Register on BetFury

For the ones that never heard about BetFury, it is a casino platform, where you can bet with crypto. 

What are the features that attracted me to it? 

  • Free crypto every 20 mins. Yes, BetFury got a "Free Crypto Boxes" section, where you can claim BFG, BNB, and BTC every 20 mins.
  • Staking! When you will get 10 BFG (this is the minimum amount to start staking) you will automatically receive daily dividends in : BTC , BNB , TRX , USDT, and ETH.

I recently came back to this platform after a long time, when I just started. 2 days ago I had around 7 BFG,but I started to gamble with them (all of the BFG got from the crypto boxes). Now, I got around 15 BFG.


As you can see, from 15 BFG I got the following payouts/day. It is really easy to get 10, even if you are not betting, just by claiming. Let`s say you enter 6 times per day (it takes you a max of 20 secs to claim). You get 0.125 BFT/claim. 6x0.125= 0.75 BFG just for claiming once 20 mins.  If you stay on the computer let`s say 4 hours/day, and at every 20 mins you remember to claim, that will be 3times/hour * 4 hours = 12 times . 

12 claims x 0.125 = 1.5 BFG . So, I can tell you that you can get 15 BFG in 10 days easily.

What 1000 BFG brings you? Why I am trying to hit 1000 asap?


With the money I got from staking, I plan to bet. Every time when you bet with a minimum of 0.01$ you will get a part of BFG.  Getting more BFG will increase the staking rewards, and so on.

2 Free Spin Wheel/day



2 times/day you can spin this Fury Wheel and get one prize. 


BetFury got over 5000+ games and slots. I personally recommend to play slots when you got some money (because you will get 1 BFG for every 4550 sats wagered, and for the In-House games,where I personally play Dice and Keno, it`s 11500 sats/BFG).

I will leave my referral link bellow again if anyone is intrested.


Thank you for your time and have a great weekend!

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Faucets and other things
Faucets and other things

Free faucets link with referral link ; ways to get free crypto and staking

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