Centralized exchange just take your ownability on assets you deposit in
Huobi answering customers

Centralized exchange just take your ownability on assets you deposit in

By yannsolol | Cryptoteur | 8 Jun 2021

Today, by making request et Huobi support team because of deposit not credited , I remembered why I wanted to own my asset in my owned wallet.

Indeed, users would have to never forget that a. Account on exchange, sounds as to give their assets to private business, and they will be unable to manage these themselves...

Huobi support answering customer

For exemple, #huobi Say me 0.075 eth can't be credited on account due to amount under minimal one. And when I said rules doesn't appear on Android app, they just keep silence, as when I said there is no understandable argument to explain this (gaz fee under 10, and just 3 inner transaction on address that seems they'll cet full amount when they would need :

Deposit wallet addeess

Of course , they sauf also they won't send me back $20 of eth, as they won't credit it, it's now their assets and they don't understand why it maked me angry !

On other way, i remembered that some Platforms Locked account vu requesting private informations from customers, as wage or fiscal document.
I Saw also people unable to withdraw some assets on some address because Binance being against Monet game, and withdrawal address soinding gamboing Platform !
Don't forget , centralized exchange Platforms mzy sound bé easiest way to trade crypto assets, but:**

- they allways have to make profit by Billing High fees you won't allways see
- they maked more and more restrictions on deposit and withdrawal request to inventive you to use their own assets or assets they need you use.
- they are lonely one owner of assets you deposit, without any way to request anything in case they decide to take tour deposit. Don't forget that asset's owner is one who own wallet by owning private Key ...
- they aren't full security against scammers a d exploit, and in case they would been hacked, you're not sure to get any part of stolen assets....

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