“Central Bank Digital Coins Will Trend”

“Central Bank Digital Coins Will Trend”

By DHEagle | CryptoTent | 8 Jul 2020

According to the manager of the crypto division of Visa, CBDCs will be one of the biggest trends in the next decade.

According to Visa's cryptocurrency manager, central bank digital currencies or CBDCs for short may be one of the most trending topics of the next decade. Cuy Sheffield, a credit card giant Visa running Crypto projects, said on Twitter that the governments will understand that the way they should follow the CBDC is the privacy, financial sovereignty, geopolitical situations and innovations that involve financing, and this plays a major role in the adoption of Bitcoin and crypto dollars. He said he would play.

“I argue that the central bank digital currency unit (CBDC) will be one of the most important trends for the future of money and payment systems in the next decade,” the manager explains. Whether people think CBDCs are good or bad, the truth is that global interest is growing. ” used expressions.


CBDC Steps

We know that Sheffield has been a defender of CBDC for a while. In May, Cuy Sheffield expressed that central banks are not interested in consumer-oriented digital currency solutions. However, according to the manager's comments, Visa never kept its interest in digital currencies, and the company filed for a digital currency patent earlier this year.

On the other hand, central banks are trying the idea of launching digital currencies. For example; The Bank of Japan announced that it will test the feasibility of digital yen to see if it can provide universal access and flexibility to those who want to use the digital currency. In addition, Japan is not alone in digital currency. We can even easily say that China is one step ahead in this regard. China is currently at full speed to be the first country to launch the central bank digital currency. According to some names, this attempt by China can cause a great deal of damage to the dollar.


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