Brave Distributor of Crypto Prize, Becomes Most Popular Browser in Japan

By DHEagle | CryptoTent | 20 May 2020

Since its founding in 2016, Brave has attracted millions of people worldwide seeking private, ad-free scanning. This week, it was ranked first in Japan with the Brave application protocol and the updates it made with the services it provides. 

Increasing Privacy

As part of the ongoing "Fingerprint Defenses" series, Brave Foundation users output "semi-identifying scanner features" as a "random" proposal to prevent behavioral perception through "Farbling".

Brave Browser, which distributes Basic Attention Token (BAT) as a reward, takes a unique approach unlike the existing defense mechanisms in other browsers. The company aims to make every browser, both browsing sessions and various websites “completely unique”. By making this move, Brave does not allow websites to detect browsing behavior and reach the traces left by the person while browsing their web pages.

A blog post by Brave explains this situation:

"Websites cannot detect your browsing behavior by making them look different while browsing, so they can't track you on the web." The values called "Farbled" are created "deterministically" per session and ensure that an accessed website receives the "exactly the same" value whenever a fingerprint is used in the same session. Different sites produced different values, and even the same site will produce variable values in different sessions. 

Brave's system is continually being developed and is expected to be completed in the "next few months". Brave notes “some pieces”, sent to the structure called “Nightly”. Afterwards, it is distributed to full version structures in a short time.

Brave also said, “These defenses are implemented in both first- and third-party contexts. We must apply our defense accordingly, since third-party frameworks overlap with the first-party are insignificant and widespread when watching users, ”he adds.

BAT Popular in Japan

Meanwhile, Brave ranked first among all browser apps in Japan and ranked tenth among the "best" apps in the country on Google PlayStore. Brave is currently leading the field in fingerprint protection, and no other browser offers users functionality that Brave currently owns or runs on the app.


Brave believes that its users can rely on an application that "first reveals its interests" and prevents upcoming fingerprint protection protocols from being tracked by sites and third parties. 

In December 2019, it was stated that Brave Browser has reached more than 10 million users monthly since launching Brave 1.0 in November 2019. Similarly, the browser reached over 40 million Android downloads in November 2019.

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