Update on Pynk Beta

Update on Pynk Beta

By Coinhound | Cryptotalk | 11 Jul 2019


A little while ago I wrote about a project that i have had a lot of fun following and who i think stand head and shoulders above many of the projects out there for many reasons. Pynk is the worlds first investment fund where you can invest your time by predicting the price of bitcoin and, in doing so, earn wisdom points which can be traded in for a share of the fund. These predictions power Pynks unique proprietary AI (rose) to make smart, on point trading decisions with market beating returns.
It is true 'People Powered Investment'.

So what's new with Pynk?

Well lets start off with some exciting news!

Pynk COO @rubarksfield pitched Pynk at the Malta Blockchain conference AI awards and the team came out on top!


So great to see the guys getting the attention they deserve and this award symbolizes the progress and hard work of the team and how truly unique this project is and reflects the hard work that has gone into creating a unique, WoC (wisdom of the crowds) AI system.

But wait! that's not all!

Pynk makes the cut yet again and is selected for the #FounderInstituteSELECT portfolio. The select portfolio is only given to the top 2% of Graduates from this, one of the world's most respected pre-seed startup accelerator, Pynk fought off fierce competition from over 3.5k startups from across 6 continents.

And last but by no means least before we get onto whats been happening with the Pynk project itself....

pynk 360.jpg

Pynk COO @rubarksfield smashes it out of the park again and pynk hit the top five in the 360lab pitch battle, another much respected industry accelerator.


So whats been happening with the beta app?

Well, the project is well under way and the daily and monthly competitions where Pynksters compete for the closest bitcoin prediction are making for some fun gamification and the chance to win a daily USDC prize for the top sniper!

The guys have added their "PYNK-ipedia" a glossary of pynk related terms and FAQs to guide new users through the beta app step by step and with the academy well underway we will soon see the chance for avid Pynksters to learn more about the tricks of predicting bitcoin. So as the crowd becomes better, the predictions get tighter and the fund grows quicker! Kaaaaching! Remember the crowd is capped at 10k members and only the most active and committed Pynksters will make the grade so join now and get predicting and learning!

If you'd like to learn more about Pynk the sign up for their telegram page https://t.me/PynkCommunity
or follow them on twitter @pynk_io

Theres much more headed our way in the coming months, the guys are busy getting the wallets ready for the Pynk security tokens and soon we will see the launch of the Pynk investment fund itself. At this point you'll be able to trade in those hard earned Pynk tokens for a share of monthly profits or hold them until the fund grows.

Hopefully I'll see you over there soon!

you can sign up here: https://beta.pynk.io/r/Heyitsal


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