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Sex Mining - a step too far?

5 days ago Coinhound $3.67 (2,039.3681 HYDRO)

Beating guts, the beast with two backs, bedroom rodeo, batter dipping the corn dog, bumping uglies, whatever you call it one thing is for sure - for as long as there have been men and women on the planet they have been having sex. So is it any real s...

Reducing the carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining

1 week ago Coinhound $4.61 (2,561.6076 HYDRO)

The concern around the global impact of mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has received a lot of press of late, China is even threatening to ban the mining of Bitcoin if the latest press is to be believed. Indeed, it is believed that the minin...

Why was there a sudden surge on Bitcoin?

2 weeks ago Coinhound $0.02 (8.8047 HYDRO)

Bitcoin Just topped $5k for the first time since late last year and, understandably, many people are wondering why. Well we might just have the answer. A single whale moved to buy over $100 million in bitcoin (20,000 btc) accross 3 platforms, accordi...