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By Coinhound | Cryptotalk | 30 Sep 2019




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Its an exciting week for Pynksters that’s for sure but what’s been happening?

This week we will see the long awaited first exchange of Wisdom points into a share of Pynk trading fund profits. Where Pynksters will finally see all the fruits of their Labour, having been feverishly predicting every day for many weeks and months now.


But let’s go back to the start for those of you that are not familiar with London’s hottest fintech start-up!

Pynk is an investment fund like no other, a truly unique and disruptive force that seeks to smash preconceptions, buck financial discrimination and set the record straight for the millions of people who previously could not access investment funds due to factors like high minimum payments, geographical and geopolitical discrimination.


Great! But how?

Pynk allows its members to invest in one of two ways: time or money.

Every day the Pynk crowd (or Pynksters as we love to be known!) can predict the price of Bitcoin ( and soon Gold and NASDAQ)for 6pm (UK Time) the following day and in doing so they can earn Wisdom Points (WP) These will, in turn, be transferrable for a share of Pynk trading fund profits.

There are also a range of social tasks that members can complete such as twitter shares to top up their precious points. The harder you work the more you will earn.

If you are cash rich but time poor you can simply buy into the fund once it launches officially very soon and watch your profits grow as the fund steadily increases over time. Simple!


So where were we?

For the first time this week Pynksters will be trading in their WPs for their share in the future of Investment. First Pynksters will receive an email via their registered email addresses inviting them to fill out their KYC (know your customer) details. This is an important step and is necessary as Pynk are a financially regulated company in the UK. I know KYC is no one’s favourite thing to do but remember this: The UK has some of the most stringent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the world.

Once the KYC process is complete Pynksters will be able to access their Pynk investor wallet for the very first time (Yay!) and then the fun really starts! Pynksters will begin to see their investment grow as Pynk does. Their second round of investment is well underway and Pynk aims to manage Billions in assets in the future, so the only way really is up for Pynksters!



But here’s a reality check!

Many of us in investment and the cryptocurrency space will have been a part of many new projects offering free tokens for competing various tasks, often we end up with thousands upon thousands of tokens and, naturally, we hope for the best but I’m sorry to say that we need to step back and take a reality check sometimes…let’s do some simple sums as an example…

So, lets imagine we’ve earned 5000 tokens for a given project and that project has 10,000 people signed up and we are all anxiously awaiting the news that the exchange rate is 1 token = 1 dollar. That would be 50 MILLION DOLLARS, and not just that! it’s 50 million dollars that will more than likely be withdrawn immediately out of the business as soon as everyone is capable because let’s face it, when was the last time you earned 5 Grand for doing, what in reality, is a series of pretty simple tasks. No company would ever do that. Period. Not even Giants like Microsoft would go out handing out 50 Million bucks for this kind of work.

Now look, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t want the best for all your hard work

That is exactly why I believe that sticking with Pynk will provide better long-term investment than, potentially, any project you’ve ever been involved in. As an early investor you will have a MASSIVE advantage over everyone else, you’ll be way ahead of late comers. You’ll own more shares in the Pynk investment fund and when Pynk is managing Billions of dollars of assets in the future you’ll be grateful you’ve held onto your shares. We’ve got to think long term here Pynksters, because that is the very nature of this game called Investment.


Pynk are just at the start of their journey, we’re all a part of something bigger here, something which I believe could honestly change the way we all think about investment in the future and isn’t it great to be a part of that.


 Because None of us are as smart as all of us


You can sign up to predict bitcoin price here



(Note: As with all financial investments there is an inherent risk when investing money. Investments can go both up and down and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose)

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