My failure to invest MICRA coins on the Yobit exchange

By Kattt | CryptoTalk & Yobit | 16 Nov 2020

On the YOBIT crypto exchange, there has been an invastplan for the Micro coin for more than a year. You can get 1% on your investment every day.


The coin price was more than 5 doge, with a minimum Deposit of 1000 micrI always felt sorry for 5000 doge, but in may the price of the coin went down. Then I kind of grew up and I decided that this is the best time to buy.

On may 24, I decided to buy 1122 micro for 3666.76 doge. I wanted to make my first profit in a month, but the price of the coin kept falling and falling. I had to sell everything, and be in a small minus. But I was sure the price would go up.

Today I have 6400 micro.


But the price of the coin dropped. Now the price for all 294.4 doge


To sell my coins and get the amount of my Deposit, I need 79712.17 micro. I wonder how many years I will get this amount if I imagine that the rate will not grow?

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