Freebitcoin How much do you have enough Deposit to disable the captcha?

By Kattt | CryptoTalk & Yobit | 27 Dec 2020

Many of you know this site for earning bitcoin.

I like this resource, because in addition to the free tap, there is a doubler, sweepstakes, lottery, bonuses and much more.

And most importantly, it is possible to disable captcha.

It is especially convenient to connect an autoclicker and increase your income.

How is the captcha disabled? Open the appropriate tab and see that there are 3 ways. and the best one is a Deposit. The site has proven itself well, so it's not a big deal to send money there.

I came across that I only ask for a couple of thousand Satoshi, and I top up with 140 thousand Satoshi. Next, I only have enough to turn it 20 times without a captcha. And then again it is necessary to replenish the Deposit.

And how much do you have enough Deposit?



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