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The problem with CryptoTab’s Cloud.Boost

By mjstoner420 | CryptoTab Review | 12 Dec 2021

I’ve tried CryptoTab’s cloud.boost and although it seems fast and profitable, it’s not really worth it. When I first started using CryptoTab Browser a year ago you could purchase cloud.boost with a debit/credit card. I was fine with paying $2.49 for 2x hash speed which put my PC at an average of 7000h/s. Admittedly I did have issues with activation after payment which I had to sort out with the CryptoTab team…

Then they decided to switch cloud.boost PC payments to btc only while leaving regular payments on Android devices through Google Pay. I may have been fine with paying for my Amazon Fire Kindle to double my mining speed to 2000 h/s except my device needs a Google Play update that I can’t seem to figure out. I’m not a fan of the Android operating system and I’m not paying for cloud.boost on a device that may not run.


I would be willing to pay cash for cloud.boost to increase my mining speed on PC if the service wasn’t so buggy. All it takes is a look at the CryptoTab Twitter account comments and Google Play Store reviews to see many customers complaining about paying for cloud.boost without it activating properly. Once cloud.boost is activated it also needs to be reset every 2-3 hours depending on your device/subscription. For a cheapskate like me that’s an exhausting waking up every few hours to be half-awake resting boosts to squeeze every satoshi for what I paid. 

The idea  of earning passive Bitcoin income from a browser is great, people should have the ability to earn btc straight from their PC’s without any fancy equipment. CryptoTab would be even better if the team could focus on improving/merging their existing products instead of constantly crapping out half baked apps. 

I’ve been using CryptoTab Browser since 09/2020 and have earned 0.002138046620 BTC to date. Not bad for free satoshi’s just for running my computer like I would have been doing anyway. 

Start earning passive Bitcoin income today by downloading Cryptotab Browser! If you’re patient, don’t expect to earn a full Bitcoin in a night, and would like to use your PC’s unused CPU to earn some free satoshi’s in the background of your browser, try CryptoTab today

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CryptoTab Review
CryptoTab Review

An honest review of CryptoTab browser

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