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By mjstoner420 | CryptoTab Review | 26 Jun 2021

Crypto Farm is a new program recently released by the folks who run CryptoTab. I downloaded it to try it out but didn’t find much difference between it and the browser. Crypto Farm is currently available on PC and Android devices and appears to be coming soon to iOS.

I was disappointed to find there was no way available on PC to link to my existing CryptoTab account. I also did not see any withdraw button… The speeds seemed slightly faster but going from an average of 3600h/s on the browser to 3800h/s on Crypto Farm isn’t really enticing..

I downloaded on my Android tablet as well but was disappointed to find it’s only available in Demo mode. It mentioned a free 30 day trial but I was unable to find a way to activate it. It also wanted $2 per device per month (3 devices = $6 a month) to monitor speeds.. Whereas I have the CryptoTab browser installed on my tablet or free and have it running at an average of 1500h/s and connected to my CryptoTab account so why would I pay for this other app for basically the same features..

Overall I like the idea of Crypto Farm but as it’s a new product it seems to have a lot of improvements to be made before I’d seriously consider using it. I’m not trying to pay to monitor devices either..

If you’d like to try CryptoTab browser follow this link

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CryptoTab Review
CryptoTab Review

An honest review of CryptoTab browser

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