Consensus 2019 The Day 1

By CryptoGoldie | CryptoStreet | 14 May 2019

May 13-15, 2019 New York


Consensus is a Coindesk conference, held annually with representatives from the most prestigious companies focused on technology, cryptocurrencies and finance.


“Consensus is the blockchain event to attend. The caliber of attendees, presentations and networking provided the most significant return on investment that we’ve seen from any conference. Needless to say, we will be back.” Ben Reynolds, VP Business Development & Digital Banking at Silvergate Bank


The principle of consensus is to hear predictions, trends, gain practical knowledge, learning about new protocols / encryption or to link novice developers with the biggest crypto revolutionary projects.

Attendance rose 3 times between 2017-18 and this fact suggests growing interest in this area




Among the visitor are many politicians, trading / stocks / media influencers, investors like Forbes, Bllomberg, BBC, CNBC, NY Times

Also many highly valued companies adn sponsors like IBM, Citi, Microsoft, Circle, Deloitte, Ledger, Coinbase, Nasdaq, Fidelity,...


Exhaustive agenda with e.g. IBM, Microsoft, JPM, Amazon, Coinbase, R3, Ethereum Foundation, Neo, Dash, Polymath, Gnosis presentations and  the list of speakers e.g. Joseph Lubin, Jeff Garzik, Vladimir "Vlad" Zamfir, Ron Resnick, Brian Armstrong, Vinny Lingham, Vanessa Grellet, Peter Brandt, Peter McCormack  offer you absorbing experience.

You can also watch som e videos or online Consensus videos, trace quick news on this sites like ForbesCrypto or use hashtag #Consensus on twitter and find accounts with news like Anna Baydakova.

And what about news ?

  • eCommerce giant eBay with its advertisement has made a speculation about soon accepting crypto


  • Fidelity survey: "Institutions are entering the space. When Fidelity surveyed over 400 institutional investors, it turned out 22% already have exposure, 40% are open to invest and 47% see digital assets as a possible part of their portfolio.


  • Polymath is building a security token blockchain in collaboration with IOHK’s Charles Hoskinson


  • Rising Lightning network transactions


  • BlockFi is planning to launch a crypto credit card with rewards this year



And the impact of the first day on crypto trading ? Seems to be striking ...


Of course we have to mention other news:

  • Binance to resume deposits and withdrawals today


  • Flexa & Gemini partner to allow you spend crypto at major stores such as GameStop, Wholefoods etc.


  • Microsoft is building on the #Bitcoin Blockchain


  • Bakkt - launch update of bitcoin futures contracts in the coming months (July )



Hope you enjoyed and liked this post, wish you good trade


Be safe, there is danger in crypto streets


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